Reach for the Sky: Struggles Only Tall People Will Understand

Do you ever feel like you stand out of the crowd, like you’re another level from everyone else on the street (literally)? If you feel like typical DIY projects can never apply to you because the design is just too “cute” then you must be over 6-feet tall. Being tall isn’t easy, people think it’s all sunshine and rainbows up there but no, it isn’t. Furniture, public transports and other everyday things were not built having tall people in mind. It’s so hard to shake the assumption that you were born with such a huge advantage in life, when sometimes this blessing can become a curse.

Good Luck Finding Clothes that Fit

It’s never easy finding the right clothes, not because of style but more on fit. It’s either the pants are too short or the waist is too wide. Finding a shirt can also be as difficult as pants, they have the same problem. Sometimes you’ll feel like you should just hire a personal tailor, that’s the solution to all your problems.

You Must be Good at Sports

Whether you are an athlete or not as long as you’re above 6-feet tall you have to be good at sports. If you’re an athlete well good for you, you may even find this flattering. If you’re not an athlete this must be the most annoying thing in the world, you might as well be wearing a sign around saying “NO I AM NOT AN ATHLETE, I KNOW I SHOULD BE BUT I’M NOT.”

You Hit Everything on The Airplane

Travelling is not as enjoyable as all those travel blogs portray them to be, especially if you need to catch a flight there. It starts with the seat you barely have enough room to sit properly but when the person in front of you reclines all hell breaks loose. Forget trying to go to the toilet, you won’t even be able to stand up straight in there.

You Walk Alone

You will obviously have longer legs than most people, meaning you have longer strides than them. You notice yourself either having to slow down or stop to wait for your friends, that or force them to wear running shoes and ask them to jog to keep up with you.

It’s SUV or Bust

If you’re not driving an SUV or a Pick-Up Truck, then you might as well not be driving at all. Don’t even try to squeeze yourself in a sedan, you were never meant to drive those types of cars. There go your dreams of owning a sports car as well, just forget about it and get a monster of an SUV instead.

People Hate You at Concerts

When you’re at a concert or any crowded event do you ever feel like the people grunting behind you are annoyed at you, well you’re correct. You’re the reason why most of the crowd behind you can’t get a good look at the performance. Next time be a bit more thoughtful and stand at the back, you’re tall enough to see from there anyway.

See it’s not always easy being blessed with height, there are drawbacks to being a giant. You will just have to learn to adjust to the people around you and make that height not just an advantage to yourself but to them too.

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