How to Quit Your 8-Hour Job

How to Quit Your 8-Hour Job

Everyone makes a living out of an occupation, whether it’s what they want to do or out of necessity. With regards to the latter, the world of employment offers a wide array of opportunities for people to earn and succeed, ranging from a corporate job to a virtual office in Manila. The abundance of benefits and compensations provided by numerous companies are endless and the country’s employees need not worry about falling flat on the ground, so long as they work as proficient as they can.

When it comes to working a job you love, however, that’s a different story. Passion is what drives people to do extraordinary things, including your jobs. If you love what you’re doing, then you’ll feel like you’re working just for the fun of it. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then there’s just one question you should ask yourself: Why Stay?

If you’ve lost the drive to keep going with your job and you’re thinking about quitting for various reasons, you may want to give it some serious thought. To further enlighten you on the notion, here are some tips on how to quit your 8-hour job:


1.  Weigh Out your Options

When quitting your job, it’s important to know what your alternatives can be. It can be having another job on the lookout or just taking some time off from working in general. Either way, after you’ve quit, there will be a wide number of things that can happen so it’s better to know what you’ll do after.

Also, another important thing about this is that before you even think about resigning, it’s important to think about what happens if you leave or not. Will you still be covered by insurance? Will some of your benefits still apply? Will your potential soon-to-be past employer be understanding of your exit? All these things should be assessed by you upon considering resignation.


2.  Evaluate your Reason/s for Doing so

You can’t just quit your job for no reason or for simply just hating it. When you think about resigning, there has to be a reason behind it. It could be something personal such as wanting to spend more time with your family, something convenient as the office being a bit too far from your place, or something severe as illness. Either reason you may have for resigning, just make sure to inform your employer in a polite and professional manner.


3.  Be Ready with your Resignation Letter

Once you’ve decided on resigning, it’s time to start writing your letter. Putting your reasons for resigning can be difficult but it doesn’t always have to be just that.

Writing a resignation letter is an extremely simple format. Just be sure to include that fact that you would be resigning from the company, when your last day of employment will be, and a proper thank you to your employer for all the opportunities you were able to gain during your tenure.


4.  Be Sure You’re Familiar with the Terms on your Contract

This is extremely important thing to know even when you’re still employed. As an employee, it’s important to uphold the terms of your contract during your tenure as it entails what you’re entitled on, especially your terms for resignation.

When you’re set on resigning, be sure that it’s within the terms stipulated in your contract, otherwise, there’s a possibility that they may not allow you to do so unless the resignation terms have been fulfilled.

5.  When it’s Time, Say Goodbye

Once everything has been settled and your personal belongings are packed, it’s time to say goodbye to your co-workers. During the course of your employment with the company, you’ve made some friends and gotten acquainted with the people you work with. A proper bon voyage should be in order for you and them and there are numerous ways to do so, from going out for a few drinks with them, eating out, or just hanging out for the last time before you have to clock out of work for the last time.


Working in any industry encourages cooperation and camaraderie between the people involved and with your resignation, make sure to keep your bonds with them even after you’ve left.

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