Protect your family and home with Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera

I have blogged last year about the Qihoo 360 Smart Camera and up to this day we’ve been using it to check our dog every now and then specially when we are leaving him in our room. I’ve never been so satisfied with it and recommended to to friends and family who have businesses or just want to protect their homes.

And I’m so lucky this year that I’ve received another Qihoo 360 Smart Camera and this time it’s much more upgraded and high tech. I’ve received the new Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera last Saturday and my son got so excited about it since, we’ve been a fan of the brand.

What’s in the box:

  • camera
  • power plug
  • power cable
  • mounting base
  • 2 screw

Here are the details of our new Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera:

  • Full HD , 1080p
  • High Definition Infrared Night Vision
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Real time phone alerts
  • SD Card or Cloud Recording option
  • 360 degrees horizontal panoramic cruise viewing , 260 degrees vertical viewing
  • Two way audio communication
  • Abnormal Sound Detection
  • Crying Detection
  • Face Detection

How to connect your phone to the camera:

Plug in the camera and check for blinking green light.


Press the reset button which can be found at the back or side of the camera until you hear a beep


Hold your phone close to the camera.




Press the send sound wave button to connect camera to WIFI.
Then you’ll see this and hear the sound wave sound.
Then enter the details of your wifi network.
wait for it to connect to your wifi network and when it’s connected then its done.

Here are the setting you can do with you Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera:

Here’s what we love about the new Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera:

1. The D706 Smart Camera can now rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 260 degrees vertically. Which I think is the coolest feature of the camera.
2. It still have crying detection or noise detection.
3. Now, the new D706 Camera has face detection which can surely capture people who does not belong to the house.
4. It does have two-way audio communication, but this one is best if you have a very fast internet connection.
5. It has also the best night vision camera which can clearer detect a face.
6. We never sent our dog to a dog hotel anymore since we have the Qihoo 360 Smart Camera ever since.

Would I recommend this to mommies like me?

Of course I will, not because I am being biased but I think that every family or home should be protected by cameras whether inside or outside of their houses. Qihoo D706 360 Smart Camera will surely help us monitor our home, pets, babies and our elderly family members whenever we need it, what’s more convenient is that we can communicate with them through the camera and it is very easy to install and use! (see installation above). And imagine for just less than P5,000 you can now equip your home with Qihoo D706 Smart Camera.

For me, I will never settle less for my family specially in terms of safety, how about you? Would you get your family a Qihoo D7006 360 Smart Camera?

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