Products We Use That Come from Plastic Injection Molding

The plastic industry is one of the most profitable industries across the world, with companies all over the world generating a high amount of profit every single year. This is all possible thanks to the very efficient plastic injection molding machine, which is able to produce a high amount of plastic products in a very short amount of time, which helps satisfy the demands of the consumers.

Nowadays, plastic has become such a common material that we mostly take it for granted. There are many products that we use everyday that came from these efficient plastic machines, and it is best to worth mentioning them. Here are some of the wonderful plastic products that came from plastic injection molding machines.

Plastic Bottles and Food Containers

If you regularly bring a packed lunch to work or school, then you should be a regular user of food containers and plastic bottles. In fact, these two products are one of the most abundant plastic products in the world, with millions of containers and bottles being used in a regular basis every single day.

PVC Pipes

Pipes are such a common fixture everywhere we go that most people do not know that these are made using plastic injection molding machines as well. PVC is one of the most durable kinds of plastic, and can withstand a good amount of extreme conditions, which is why it is good piping material.

Electrical Switches

Everyday, there is a very likely chance that you have turned on at least a single light switch. Light switches are another important and common product that cam from injection molding. These light switches are both durable and have a simple purpose of helping you turn the lights on and off.

Disc Cases

Whether it be CDs, DVDs, or Blu Ray Discs, they will most likely come in cases made out of plastic. These cases are very portable and durable, and helps you organize your collection better. Most cases have a consistent and similar design that allows you to keep your discs kept in a safe place.

Car Interiors

While it may not be as noticeable compared to the other plastic products on this list, but car parts like dashboards, bumpers, and cup holders are made from injection molding. In fact, car manufacturing is almost fully automated, with machines doing most of the work is assembling and crafting the parts. The plastic injection molding process is just one part of the whole process.


Perhaps the most popular and common item that we associate with plastic, toys can be seen everywhere you go. Most toys today are made from safe and non-toxic plastic that makes sure that the people who play with them would be safe while doing so. Some toy companies have their specialized plastic injection molding machines for their toys, which allows them to create unique molds and designs.

Key Takeaway

Plastic is indeed fantastic, with all of these products that we use everyday being made from plastic injection machines, it is surely a versatile material that benefits everyone in the world. The next time you see a plastic product, you have the plastic injection molding machines to thank.

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