How To Prevent Procrastination At Work

You have a deadline that’s approaching quickly. You glance at your planner, and you’re welcomed by the frightening list of things that you need to accomplish in a few days. Or worse, in a few hours. Yet you dawdle on social media or Google, refusing to face your responsibilities.

If you’re working in one of the most lucrative business in the Philippines—the call center industry—then you’ve probably already encountered the deadly face of procrastination. You’ve already come to know that it isn’t just a college thing; that, in fact, it continues to haunt people even at the work place.

The dilemma that most of us face is this: we frequently squander our free time, putting our tasks on hold, only choosing to return to them when it’s already far too late. At this point, most of us panic and lose our heads—which makes it even more challenging to get anything done.

The worst thing?

Despite knowing the pitfalls of procrastinating, we end up repeating it anyway, until it becomes a habit. So how do you prevent procrastination at work?

Organize your schedule. Set deadlines.

Before you start working, structure your timeline first. List down all the things you need to accomplish, alongside their respective deadlines. It then becomes easier to keep note of what you need to do, which, ultimately, helps you focus better. Invest on a planner or download applications that can aid you in your productivity.

It’s also better to work on the more demanding tasks first before dealing with the easier ones.

Try to avoid multitasking.

No, it doesn’t help to Google the top viral stories in the Philippines while doing your call center assignment. Multitasking plays a huge role on why people procrastinate, since it tends to make you lose your focus—and eventually, you lose track and do needless things.

Break down your tasks.

One reason why we delay on doing something is that the very thought of it can be too overwhelming. It helps to break down your tasks into smaller parts, or to tackle them step-by-step.

Be aware of what hampers your productivity.

What diverges your attention from your work? Do you constantly search about gossips on celebrities in the Philippines, or perhaps about the call center industry itself? Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through your Facebook feed? Be aware of what distracts you—and make sure to eliminate them.

 Reward yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Setting a reward for yourself means that you’ll have something to look forward to. This can serve as your motivation.

Key Takeaway

It’s very easy to succumb to the temptations of procrastination, but learn to resist them little by little, until you finally have a seamless clutch on your schedule. The mañana or “mamaya na” habit should be staved off–a habit that you must know if you’re from the Philippines. Those who are in the call center industry should act now, and start with these little steps to completely eradicate procrastination not just in the workplace, but in their lives.

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