How to prevent hair loss + Update on Anti Hair loss treatment at Sports Barbers

I have written before the causes of hair loss to men and now we will tackle about how to prevent it in happening or preventing hair loss as our dad, husband and important men in our lives lose their hair.

Hair is gives definition to our face and it was tagged as the crowning glory not just for women, but also for men.

Did you know?

That we lose 100 strands of hair in a day.


Here are some tips on how we can prevent hair loss, this applicable to men and women:

Use mild or organic shampoo and conditioner

Filipinos are know to bathe everyday (I consider washing my hair and body 2x in a day 3-4x in a day if summer time) who does not want to smell good specially if its summer time. Cleaning our scalp and hair is also part of our hygiene, but always use organic shampoo to prevent your hair and scalp from being invaded with a lot of harsh chemicals that we get from ordinary shampoo


I put an exclamation mark on the word exercise, because most of us (including me) forget to do this with our busy schedule, but we should give it a much more highlight on our lives because it gives nothing but good quality life to us.

Increase intake on Vitamins A, E and B

Increase in the intake of the following vitamins because they give a lot of benefits not just for the body, but also for your hair:

Vitamin A helps in the better production of sebum in the scalp.
Vitamin E helps in the improvement of blood circulation in the body.
Vitamin B helps retains our hair color.

Do not comb your hair when wet

Yes! Your read it right, never comb your hair when wet, because our hair is very fragile and brittle when wet and can easily break when we comb it. But, if you can’t live without combing your hair, i suggest to use wide tooth comb to your hair.

Don’t smoke and drink

Smoking and drinking alcohol does not do any good thing on our health so as to our hair. Both can affect blood flow to our scalp which can prevent from growing healthy hair.

I think there are a lot of ways to prevent, but I think these are one of the most important prevention we do to have a healthy and strong hair and scalp. Plus, you can also try Anti Hair Loss treatment of  Sports Barbers which is really effective and very affordable.

Here’s from my husband’s before and after photo:

After a month of treatment and constant usage of organic shampoo and vitamin intake his scalp is growing some baby hairs. If you want to try out this treatment just go to your nearest Sports Barbers and have your treatment and hair cut. You will be served by professional barbers who knows the latest hair style for men.






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