Portable Document Camera – Promoting Visual Based Learning

You must have observed that books of little children are usually full of more pictures and have less text. Have you ever wondered why it is so? This is because children can relate to images more easily as compared to text. Visual learning is essential for students. It helps students to develop critical thinking and helps them improve their problem solving abilities. A portable document camera is ideal for this purpose. A portable document camera is a helpful tool for teachers to promote visual based learning among students.

Portable Document Camera Technology

A portable document camera is also a digital visual presenter or a visualizer. It has an elevated stand pointing downwards. This camera displays on a screen, which can be a computer, LCD, an interactive white board or a touchscreen display. It provides a way of adding interactive visual technology to your presentations. These presentations can be in a classroom, courtroom, business meetings, or video conferencing suite. A portable document camera gives three-dimensional visuals of objects, book pages, and people as well.

One of the best features of a portable document camera is that it allows you to view the two-dimensional or three-dimensional details of objects, which are usually difficult for big audiences to see. It provides interactive presentation having visuals of objects, which might be inaccessible in the absence of portable document camera. This camera also promotes collaboration between groups. The document camera does not require already prepared slides like ordinary projectors. It has the facility of saving and scanning files. This camera provides bright high quality images and has proper zooming capability making it user friendly.

Use of Portable Document Camera in Various Fields

A portable document camera can serve in various field to make presentation visually appealing. Following are the fields where it can prove to be an essential presentation equipment:

Educational institution

Portable document cameras can prove to be useful for visually engaging students and improving their learning abilities. Students can have a clear view of even tiniest objects and can view three-dimensional objects.

Training services

Portable document cameras are great for displaying training content to the class.


Portable document cameras encourage group participation and collaborations in business corporations. This improves learning capability.

Court room

Lawyers can present evidence in a courtroom in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional way by using a portable document camera.

Video conferencing in meetings

A video conferencing equipment used with portable document camera can display visuals of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.

A science laboratory

The use of a portable document camera in science experiments gives a close visual of the experiments, making it easier for the students to see the experiment clearly.

A dental lab

Dentists can see the X-rays on a large screen with the help of portable document camera.

Medical research

A portable document camera helps to view X-rays and experiment results clearly.

Business presentations

A portable document camera can help add visuals in presentations. This promotes interactive exchange between presenter and audiences.

The portable document camera is an advanced technology, which has made learning an easy and interactive process.

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