Please don’t take a way my daughter’s home

My son, actually daughter is so happy to be part of his new school, APEC School Sampaloc Branch and after how many months he gain friends for keeps. I was also so happy to know the school who supports my daughter’s transitioning stage from being a little young boy to a beautiful teenager though he’s not cross dressing yet, but they are allowing her to be herself in school.

We are all shocked to received a letter coming from the school stating that they are closing down the Sampaloc Branch. I don’t have attachment issues yet to the school, but I can see that my daughter are in good hands in Sampaloc branch because they let her be herself and the students do not bully her. If ever we will transfer her, there is always fear that not all students or teachers will understand what was going through.

This is just one story of a pleading parent to the APEC Schools Management and Mr. Joey Ayala not to close down the Sampaloc Branch.