Planning to buy your Dream Home? Here are 3 things to consider.

Buying a home must be one of the most significant milestones in your family life. Not to mention the serious financial commitments you’re about to face, it comes with specific lifestyle choices too. However, buying a house can be a fulfilling and exciting experience, as you may now confidently build your roots and have your own space to let your family flourish and grow together. 

However, as much as the joy it brings to finally buy your home, a long process of decision making and paperwork are about to happen before finally stepping into it. SO to help you out a little, here are some important reminders to consider before buying your house. 

Think About Your Dream Lifestyle

First of all, in this step, it is important to be realistic. As a mother, we know the kind of situation where our family can thrive best. It doesn’t have to be the most luxurious lifestyle, it has to be practical and encourage growth and togetherness. Specifying your dream lifestyle with your family is essential in building your dream home. Would you want a home in the city where you can have 24/7 access to establishments, or would you want to be surrounded by greenery and fresh air where your kids can play outdoors anytime? Are you flexible on location or do you have a specific location you have in mind like somewhere close to you and your partner’s work? Buying a home is not like buying a car, it has direct impacts on your lifestyle. So you have to enumerate the type of lifestyle you want to be living with your family. 

Examine Your Finances

Buying a home means additional monthly cash out from your usual budget. That’s why the importance of checking your finances such as your credit scores and future financial needs for your kids can’t be emphasized enough. Your kids are growing and expenses are expanding every year, especially when they start to go to school. Aside from your expenses, one major factor is the stability of your income to ensure you’ll be able to pay for the house without falling short of your lifestyle needs. You have to carefully examine where you stand financially, so you can specify an acceptable budget range you can allocate for your house. 

Research, Research, Research

And finally, of course, research is very important! You need to search the market for the perfect property that both can suit your needs and is within your budget range. In the country today, you can be surprised by the number of properties that are available. The real estate industry is booming this year, making it the perfect time to buy your first home. Researching online gives you an array of choices for available properties, but it is also important to directly interact with agents and the marketing team of the properties. That’s why Lamudi, the leading real estate platform in the Philippines, organized the Lamudi Housing Fair that will be happening on April 6 to 7, 2019 at Trinoma Activity Center. Here, top property developers gather to showcase their projects for property seekers. So if you are buying your house this year, this is one major event you shouldn’t miss! 

Buying a home is one major step to take. You have to be financially and emotionally prepared for it. So before buying your first home, take time to think well, check your finances, conduct thorough research and attend housing fairs to directly interact with property developers. This entails a huge amount of money, time, and effort, so it might as well be all worth it! 🙂 

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