Is Pilates good for your health + Delicious Diet Meal for the week

I’ve been doing Pilates for a month and I never been happier with the result. I gain so much weight when I was doing my therapies since I am also taking steroids. I weigh 80 kilos and after a month I am now 70 kilos. I can now wear my clothes that I didn’t fit me for almost 6 months and I also eat healthy with my Delicious Diet meal plan. I listed why I think Pilates is good for our health:

1.It can be your stress reliever

Whenever I feel so stress I put all of it when I have my Pilates schedule I usually do Pilates twice a week. My coach usually do a mix of mat and reformer Pilates and what I super love doing is the reformer specially when I am so stressed, it’s a machine where you can tone your muscles. The reformer uses spring and your very own weight to do the exercise.


2. You can have your exercise without hassle

Going to the gym sometimes gives me goosebumps since I really don’t know how to use the machines and I am so stress looking at myself while most of the people out there have a beautiful body. I did say that Pilates has no hassle since my coach have an appropriate program for me and I can do it at home specially if it I can do it on the mat.


3. You can improve your posture (no poor posture, when you are doing Pilates)

I have a back problem and scoliosis that is why we are following a certain program. What I really love about Pilates is that I see coaches and fellow Pilates enthusiast having a good posture, I can say that my posture improves drastically because of Pilates. Pilates really improves stability and the ability to hold itself from maintaining right posture.


4. You can now be free of back pains

I’ve been experiencing back pain for 5 years and just this year I don’t need to take my meds for back pain anymore because of Pilates. Pilates also improves breathing and controlling my core or my abdominal area, gluts and pelvis area and whenever I am experiencing back pain I was advised to hold my core.


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*Photos from Most photos posted are the things that I did at Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio Banawe

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