Philips newest light bulb that has a candle ambiance

Innovative Philips LED lighting safely brings candle lit ambience to homes

Candle has a unique way of enhancing ambiance. Occasions such as anniversary, surprise birthdays or a proposal makes it more romantic because of candles. Candles convey a warm, romantic and inviting atmosphere in closed spaces.

But while candles offer aesthetic lighting or emergency lighting in case of power shortages, they pose a significant fire hazard. In Metro Manila, there were 615 fire incidents in the first two months of 2015alone, according to the Bureau of Fire Protection. Among the incidents reported, 70 were due to unattended fire sources such as candles and cooking stoves.


There are, however, ways to capture the welcoming feel of candlelight without having to ignite a flame. Philips, a global leader in lighting, is offering LED candles that retain the aesthetics of candlelight while avoiding the risk of fires.

“Lighting is no longer about illuminating spaces only. These days, lighting is already being seen as something that stimulates the senses, and we at Philips are constantly looking for ways to use LEDs for aesthetic purposes,” says Chestnut Andaya, Philips’ General Manager for Lighting. “At the same time, Philips’ LED technology is also enabling us to take a step closer to making homes safer. With such innovations, we are able to provide consumers with lighting products that are safe, functional, and visually appealing.”

To replace conventional candles, Philips offers LED candles that provide the same warm glow without the danger of fire. The Philips DECO Classic LED candle, which is ideal for general and decorative lighting, has a classic design and a unique striking filament that adds elegance to chandeliers and luminaires. Aside from delivering beautiful light, this lamp’s lifetime of 15,000 hours minimizes maintenance costs while delivering up to 90% energy savings.


Philips’ LED candles can also provide relaxing and inviting home atmospheres. For example, Philips’ Clear LED candle and luster lamps convey incandescent-like warm white light that lends a cozy vibe in indoor spaces. And because it can last up to 15 years and can save at least 80% in energy, the Philips’ Clear LED candle and luster is a sustainable lighting choice that also adds sparkle to home interiors.

Safe, visually appealing, and useful in different situations,Philips’ LED candles are well-designed lamps that provide both energy savings and beautiful indoor light, meeting the needs of discerning homeowners everywhere.

Philips LED products are available in leading retail stores nationwide. To learn more about Philips products, log on to or check the Philips LED PH facebook fan page.

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