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Philips and Friendly Care collaborates to help mother’s from Tacloban in giving birth

It’s my first time to be in Tacloban and I have a very soft spot for them especially after the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck them. It was a devastating feeling when all your hard earned money turned to nothing, but at least a lot of them survived. But, it is not easy to recover after a big disaster struck your life and almost erase the land you that grew up, but Filipinos are really the happiest person, despite what happened we still stood up and stayed happy and positive.

This is Jennilyn and her daughter.
This is Jennilyn and her daughter.

I met a lot of pregnant women that day, they all have different stories and some have very unfortunate story. But, the story of a young woman caught my attention. Her name is Jennilyn, she is a 25 year old mother of 2 and another baby is on its 8th month already. Seeing her I reminisced my teenage mom years, but it is much harder for her because her children experienced the wrath of nature and seeing many people die. I applaud her braveness because despite her young age, she managed to take care of her 2 children while coping up with the tragedy. She will give birth this January to a baby boy, but looking at her she seems to be so petite and her belly is so small like a 5 month pregnant. I asked her Bakit mo napili na manganak dito sa Friendly Care? And she replied Kasi malapit lang kami dito sobrang alaga kami ng baby ko dito. I love how she described why she wanted to give birth at Friendly Care Clinic, although it is very near to her place what really amazed me is the fact that she felt very well taken care at a clinic, most of the time small clinics in the rural area don’t bother if they give the best for their patients.

Friendly Care the leading family health care clinic and they also offers Friendly Cards that could be use for your check ups. Friendly Care’s Vision is for Filipinos to have a healthy and happy family. That is why they have partnered with Philips to provide a small birthing clinic, but can provide an innovative and state of the art facilities to give expecting mommies the peace of mind in giving birth to their precious babies.

During the ribbon cutting.
During the ribbon cutting.

Sir Malone, General Manager of Philips Philippines said, “There is a big gap in managing birthing clinics here in Tacloban. That is why we are not competing with other clinics or hospital rather we are helping them to take good care of the mommies.” he added “Philippines has been struggling in the mother and child mortality rate. Tacloban is one of the highest birth rate in the Philippines.”

Ms. Thess Paganiban, CEO of Friendly Care said “ It is our very first collaboration with Philips, they have given as this ultrasound machine to be used here. And we are looking forward to having more collaborations with them,” she added “ Our work here begun after Typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban, we were asked by our part the UNFPA to help in operating the hospital in a container, it is an emergency maternity unit that could handle emergency complicated obstetric cases like caesarean section,”

The Friendly Care Clinic in Tacloban.
The Friendly Care Clinic in Tacloban.

Both Friendly Care and Philips aim to help people of Tacloban and other rural areas that needs a much advance and thorough medical services. They both are willing to lend a helping hand to provide the best and affordable medical services for our kababayans.Friendly Care also knows the value of money that is why they are helping the family to apply for Philhealth so that they can give birth free of charge, but the cost for a normal child birth is P7,000 if the family has Philhealth they will not pay anything. The mommies will know their babies condition using Philips high-tech ultrasound. I think this is just the start of their good partnership and a lot of expectant mothers are excited to give birth at Friendly Care Clinic in Tacloban because they are all friendly and promise to take good care of the mommies and babies.

What’s inside the new clinic:

Philips Philips

Philips Philips

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Pre and Post Natal Care,  Normal Delivery Package, Newborn Screening and Baby Care, Well Baby Care, Pregnancy Test, Pap Smear, Immunization,  Baby Ear Piercing, Circumcision, Ultrasound, ECG, Family Planning Methods & Counselling
*In case of emergency like Caesarian Section, Friendly Care will bring the patient at Remedies Trinidad Romualdez Hospital using a 24/7 Ambulance.

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*All photos are taken by ASUS ZenFone Selfie



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