Pet Care: How to Remove Fleas using household things

Fleas may be tiny, but it doesn’t take size to be devastating. Summer season seems to be the hotbed for pests and parasites. It is in this season wherein termites begin to swarm to create a new colony and begin a new life started by the newly crowned king and queen termite pair. Apparently, summer is also the time where fleas thrive in the most, and these hardy yet annoying parasites are definitely no push-overs! If termite and flea infestation got you in a pinch, give us a call. The tool used for pest prevention in the Philippines is Sentricon; there is no small or big infestation that we can’t handle! But if you prefer a more natural way of solving your flea problem, we also have the solution.

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All Purpose Vinegar

A fan favorite condiment, vinegar serves a lot of purpose not only in the kitchen but also as a means of pest prevention. Because of its acidic compound, most pests would rather stay away from this sour condiment than to linger about. One of the pests that hates it smell is the flea. However, contrary to popular belief, vinegar doesn’t directly kill fleas. Rather, it causes them to keep their distance from the source of its foul stench. If your pet happens to be doused with vinegar, chances are that fleas would stay as far away as they can. If there are no other available food sources nearby, these fleas will eventually starve themselves to death.


Sometimes the solution to an arising flea infestation is as easy as vacuuming your carpet. It’s true! Thoroughly vacuuming potential flea nesting areas such as the floor, carpet and pet beddings can ultimately prevent a flea society to flourish. Not only that, you also have successfully cleaned your house, well done! On a serious note, after you have finished vacuuming your entire home, make sure to completely empty your vacuum bag in the garbage outside. This is to prevent them from infiltrating your supposedly impenetrable fortress once more. If this is not enough, then…



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 Salt is the answer!

After vacuuming, double-tap those fleas by sprinkling salt in the places you have traversed with your vacuum. After which, leave the salt as it is for a week or ten days, tops. Doing so will kill both the pesky adult fleas and its larvae. Once the ten days are up, it is time to whip out that vacuum once more to gather the salt scattered about and also the fleas’ lifeless bodies. As a cautionary reminder: It is not advisable to directly apply salt on your pet as it is too strong for their skin to handle and even might cause them injuries.

DIY Flea Comb

Lemon is also a natural deterrent for fleas, so why not take it up a notch and make a flea comb out of lemon extracts? What you would do is boil water first and add the sliced lemons right after. Once you have done this, you can turn the heat off and leave the concoction overnight to cool. You can now use your creation the following day by dipping your pet comb into solution. Try it out on your pets’ fur to see the results!

There are many natural and easy ways to prevent fleas from turning your pets from happy furry babies into miserable puffs of fur. Follow these simple tips and tricks and you too can have a fun summer free of fleas!


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