Parenting 101: How to Keep Your Baby Away from Pests

When one is dealing with pests in their home, the best way to deal with such a problem is to alert pest control services immediately, depending on the severity of the situation. Protection from pests is not only essential to the protection of your home, but also for the protection of your loved ones, especially children; and speaking of children, the ones that need the most protection from pests is none other than your precious newborn.

A newborn infant, though cute and adorable it may be, is constantly vulnerable to various threats, meaning they would need constant protection. As if your baby’s protection from the elements wasn’t enough, numerous pests in your home come into the picture as well.

For this, it’s time to step up your game in protecting your baby from the many pests that may lurk within your home. Here are some of the best ways to do so:

Using Mosquito Nets

This may have been mentioned before in numerous related articles; but in this case, it definitely bears repetition and emphasis. Mosquito nets are some of the best things to use to repel mosquitos from your baby at night, ensuring that not only do they get a good night’s sleep, but also protect them from the harmful effects these tiny little pests bring.


Clean your Baby’s Room

A dirty home can attract a lot of pests into your home, most especially one of the most detestable pests known to many as cockroaches. With cockroaches in your home, no one is exempt from the threats they bring, especially your baby.

For this, the best way to handle it is to ensure cleanliness around your home, especially in your baby’s room. Make sure to do a thorough cleanup with your child’s toys, clothes, and their crib to make sure that no roach lurks around.

Using Mosquito Repellants

While we’re on the subject of mosquitos, using repellants are still a great method to use when combatting them. Just be sure to use them right, especially when applying a variant of it on your baby, to ensure full protection and less discomforts.

Seal any Hole in your Baby’s Room 

If one were to talk about the sizes pests can be in, there’s no pest that’s bigger than the rat or mouse. Not only are they inconvenient for many people, but they also carry a myriad of diseases that everyone is at risk of, especially your baby.

Luckily, the solution to this particular problem is simple. Simply seal any hole you find in your baby’s domain. That way, they are less likely to get in the room.


Avoid Using Wooden Cribs

When it comes to the combination of pests and wood, termites are the sum of it. While wooden cribs are convenient to use and carry around, it is still bait for termites.

For this, it would be best if your baby’s crib is made up of other materials such as plastic to ensure twice the amount of protection for your baby as they lay in their cribs at night. Plus, there is also a decrease in the risk of your wooden crib falling apart due to these tiny creatures.

Store Food Properly

Speaking of rats and mice, they are also known for their ability to scurry their way around your home and into your food boxes. While properly sealing your food can be an ideal step to take, storing them in airtight, plastic containers are just as effective. Also, if you smell that your food has gone bad, throw it away immediately so that mice won’t be attracted.

Key Takeaway

Your child’s protection is always of utmost priority, especially if that child has just entered into this world. Through these tips, not only will you be able to protect them from harm, you’ll also be able to ensure that they enjoy their childhood in a fun and jubilant way.

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