Pampers Baby Shower and the newest Pampers Baby Dry

Gelli Victor
Our host a first time mom, Gelli Victor

Everything first on our baby is very essential, even if I have two (2) kids their first is very special to me. Their first boo – boo, their first word, their first step and other first. As a young mom, I ensure to kept and saved all the first things they have, like their first shoes, first bag and other things that is their first. I’ve been using pampers for my two kids because they are both hyper and very playful that’s why I love their Pampers Active Baby diaper.

Pampers Baby Dry Pampers Baby Dry Pampers Baby Dry

I was privileged to attend a once in a lifetime baby shower of Radio DJ Andi Manzano – Reyes. The room was filled with baby color and a lot of cute baby photos. The shower is also a launching of the new online application Pampers First Book, which allow mommies to record their babies’ important moments and share with their family and friends.

DJ and First time Mom, Andi Manzano - Reyes
DJ and First time Mom, Andi Manzano – Reyes

Pampers has always been the number 1 diaper brand. The new Pampers Baby Dry provides 12 hours of skin dryness, so our little ones can get a lot of sleep. With its new stretchy tape that adapts the babies shape and movement, we will never worry about leakage and with the magic gel that locks in wetness. So our babies wake up a happy baby.

Look how stretchy and dry it is!

11009382_379183228933057_4179253654791427269_n Pampers Baby Dry


We can never go wrong with the new Papers Baby Dry. And it’s now available on our nearest supermarkets and leading stores.


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