How to SPOT: The North Face


Always check for the tag inside the bag it should be the holographic tag or the, The North Face Red tag. (Please see below pics) For bags like Big shots and small shots the back portion should be foamy or you could check and squeeze it if it has foams. Check the zippers, it should …

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How to SPOT: Burberry

Burberry Nova Check Tote Bag Mostly Burberry tote bags are made in PVC also known as Vinyl Coated Canvass. It’s a leather like texture and stain free. Another area that you should take in consideration is the pattern of the bag it should be perfectly horizontal and vertical lines or stripes. The line should be …

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How to SPOT: Guess

Guess Bag

Check the tag, tag should have a rounded side not square. Some sellers removed the tags for Customs purposes.  Always check the tags inside stating the “MADE in CHINA”. Yes, you read it right “MADE in CHINA”. Almost all of the bags are manufactured in China. I have also read one blog that some GUESS …

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(Updated)How to SPOT: Longchamp

Longchamp Bag

If you have Longchamp Neo Bag click here for how to spot the fake one. New Colors of Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon 2017 Available in Small and Large Longhandle and small, medium and large for shorthandle Burt Red Ivory Peony Pinky Khaki Blue Mist Longchamp Le Pliage  Your longchamp bag should have a diamond pattern …

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How to SPOT: Michael Kors Accessories

Most of the MK accessories that you can find in the online market are made of STAINLESS STEEL but when you check Michael Kors website you can see that most bracelets are made of BRASS. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create …

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How to SPOT: Michael Kors


Michael Kors bags have INSIGNIAS on every metal part of the bag. MK uses only Silver and Gold Metal. If your MK has LARGE stitching its a FAKE. Take time to look at the tag, it should be in the light brown tag. Check the MK lettering it should be very close together. Never forget …

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How to SPOT: Nine West

Nine West

Always check the stitching of the bag. Smell and touch the leather of the bag, it should smell a genuine leather (this is a strong smell). Leather also should be glossy. Check the brand tag of the bag it has only two colors either gold or silver. Brand tag are either on the outside or …

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How to SPOT: Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Where does Kate Spade bag made?   USA, China, Taiwan (straw bags), Italy (leather), Indonesia and the Philippines (straw bags up to 2002 only). You read it right CHINA and the PHILIPPINES (straw bags only)! Nylon bags are usually made from the US until 2002. Look at the brand tag, for leather it should be embossed …

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How to SPOT: Coach

authentic hang tag

Coach Bag or wristlet usually have zipper that is made by YKK, but some of the other Coach products don’t have YKK as their zipper but it doesn’t mean that it is fake already. You will feel and you can see whether your Coach is authentic or not. Some other zippers used by Coach. Talon …

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What is “How to spot the NOT!”

How to spot the NOT is a step by step tutorial in which you can detect COUNTERFEITS from the REAL deal.  Will be imparting info’s from my experiences and from my researches. Please take note that almost all the pictures here are mine so be courteous enough to put our shops name or ask permission …

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