Celebrating National Pasta Month the Al Dente way


Who wants a pasta that is soggy and not firm? Al Dente means firm to bite. Our pasta should be always Al Dente. October is considered to be the National […]

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Vittorio’s Steak House


Vittorio’s Steak House is located at 121 Forab Building, Kamuning, Quezon City. Vittorio’s Steak House name came from Chef Vittorio’s father, since he dedicated it to him and by the […]

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Want to have that perfect hair? Book your next salon visit only at Vivere Salon

Early Christmas Treat from Manila Doctors Hospital

holiday package facade

Early Christmas Treat from Manila Doctors Hospital. Spread the word and let’s experience an early treat from the finest hospital. Greetings of Good Health! As an early Christmas gift, MDH […]

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Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters has a new home at SM San Lazaro


Chef Lau’s Pugon Roaster is one of the many restaurants that Chef Lau is running among the other restaurants under Chef Laudico Group are Bistro Filipino and Guevarra’s in P. […]

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A Word called LIFE


I love capturing sceneries, especially when it has a very good landscape and has a lot of trees. I feel close to nature and to our creator. I feel nostalgic […]

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Brooklyn’s: A new place to dine in the heart of San Juan


There’s this newest place where people can dine and feel Brooklyn’s renowned pizza. Brooklyn’s is now open at its newest home in N. Domingo Street, San Juan. Brooklyn’s humble beginning […]

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Michael’s Bright Idea


Bright colors are happy colors so Michael Kors newest bright collections will give more spark and brightness on our day check them below: Casey Leather Large Satchel “How do you […]

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NIU: A Luxury Buffet but light on your pocket


We all heard about Vikings and we love their buffet, but Vikings have its newest brand NIU by Vikings. NIU is different from the Vikings buffet because the ambiance is […]

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Second Blog Giveaway

2nd Blog Giveaway

 Since it’s my 2nd blog giveaway 2 winners will be winning all the prizes below. I appreciate my readers and those people who believe in what I write this is […]

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Embracing Motherhood in Style with SwaddleDesigns


You mommies all know that I have 2 kids and they are all grown up. My eldest is 12 and my youngest is 8. I was really excited to attend […]

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