Are all eggs the same? + Get your eggs at Healthy Options


There are many kinds of egg and they have many uses also. But are we sure on the eggs we are buying in the market are all eggs created the same? So here are some of the varieties of eggs in the market: Brown Eggs – the egg’s color has nothing to do with the …

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Huma Island and Citi Credit Card’s exclusive Spa retreat just for you!


With Citi Credit Cards, you can enjoy a memorable island getaway through an exclusive 3 days/2 nights travel offer with Huma Island Resort & Spa in Palawan! Choose between the Water Villas that rise on stilts right above the coral banks at 54% discount; a Beach Villa straddling the shoreline at 49% discount; and a …

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Best Well-Known Universities in the Philippines


As your child graduates high school, one of the biggest problems a parent encounters is choosing a university that will best suit your child. Of course, all parents want the best for their child. However, since there are a number of educational institutions in the Philippines – from renowned universities to the best international schools …

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Have a healthy lifestyle with Robinsons Supermarket’s Explore Wellness campaign


After being diagnose of Bone Cancer, I started to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I do pilates, running, T5 and yoga and I also eat healthy food though occasionally I eat fast food, but I always wanted to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle to prolong my life. Thankful that I have a partner …

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Sneaker fever with Converse at the PDI Lifestyle Face Off 2017


My kids and I love Converse because of its comfortability and stylishness in one. I think we can call it a go to shoes for us. I remember when I was in grade school my mom bought me a pair of Converse sneakers, I think it’s called the one star. It is a plain white …

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Benefits of Studying in an International School (infographic)


In choosing the right school for their children, parents are put into a situation of pondering in what school to entrust their kids with. Taken together, there are numerous educational institutions in the country today that proposes different teaching methods that are effective in cultivating a child’s learning through the years. However, studying in the …

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What causes hair loss to men + Sports Barbers anti hair loss treatment


At 37 years old my husband has a drastic change in his hair as he gets balder everyday. It started at age 30 and now there is a big gap of hair loss at the back of his head. I think it can also trigger to lessen self confidence to other people because our hair …

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To moving forward and no looking back


I think February will leave a great scar on my heart and also to my kid’s heart because of what we have gone through. I think it was really a very difficult time for my kids specially Kwek as he fights for what’s right for him as a son. I was hurting not because of …

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Inquisitive Mommy: Blue Cross UTI Test Kit


The Brand Philippine Blue Cross Biotech Corporation started marketing diagnostics Products, they are also the first and the one Pharma Company to offer a UTI Test kit. They have dominated the industry and they have wide varieties of  products that are distributed nationwide. They started in 1997 and the man behind the success is Mr. …

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The Classic low profile court sneakers, Converse Cons Pro Leather is back!


The court ruler Converse Cons Pro Leather was launched in 1976 and it has been ruling the basketball court on the feet of hall of famers. The Converse Cons Pro Leather LP Leather is a low-top take on a legendary basketball silhouette, whether you wear it to make a statement or just to have a …

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