Social Media and Bullies

Have you experienced being bullied on Social Media? I bet you have experienced one. Now a days the most common form of bullying is thru social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since these three are the most used social media nowadays, people tend to know you personally just by looking at your recent post. Most of the time the photos and text you post is somewhat affecting other people (and we don’t know why?). We tend to check on our friends timeline or page but why? Just to see how they were doing or to see if they have posted something about you? (Paranoia strikes). I think the main aim of social media is connecting friends who you cannot see since they are far from you or to get together with families and have an update on how they were doing. But most of the time this is not the things we do with social media people tend to rant about other peoples business. Posting about what he was and who he was then. People tend to bash celebrities that they don’t like. People nowadays are being so naive in using social media as if this is made to wreck peoples life and to tell the world that “I am the strongest one!” but I don’t think that’s it I think bullies are the kind of people who needs attention from their families, why? Because if they were taken care of they will not do such things, they will not harm anybody.

I bet you are wondering about this post,it’s because I have experience being bullied by someone and as if she was the victim of being bullied at the end. I am telling my story not to impress anyone or to be rude to the people who do this to me, but to impart to everyone who got bullied to stand up and let’s fight CYBER BULLYING.

It was way back 2010 when I experience a really terrifying incident in my life. At that time I was really fond of using Facebook since this is a way to contact friends and have chat with them and we even do Skype-ing to see each other. Facebook back then was not that strict about privacy back then, it’s because I saw the comment she made thru our common friend which pop out on my timeline or maybe it was really intended for me to see it. Back that time me and my husband is not really in good terms, many marriages are undergoing a really bumpy ride like ours. So we tend to quarrel every night about things and I really can’t remember so much about it. Then after compromising things about our differences, it ended in a good way and we are still together. Then I saw a post on my timeline about professionalism and being a second hand. So I have a hint of that time, she was talking about me.

I have photos about the incident, but I prefer not to post it anymore. I was really wondering why she did it. My husband is an Electrical Engineer if she’s talking about being professional my husband is one hell of a professional at his young age he has achieved so many things about his field and make winning projects from the biggest companies in the country. So maybe I was the one who’s not professional? Since the course I took was about Hotel and Restaurant and maybe the lack of professional examination on our course makes us not a professional at all :). Or maybe because that time I don’t have an organizational affiliation with any of the company since I was busy taking my so called Masteral Degree on Basic and Professional Make Up which I took from SoFa, and by the way about the “second hand” it’s because at an early age I got pregnant and we decided to part ways because it doesn’t work out for us. I think every person has the darkest part in our life. My husband accepts me for who I am and what I became today and I think that’s what really matters. I mean, we cannot really please everybody and even if we please them they will always tend to backfire against us and made us feel down and to feel nothing. So to all who got bullied it’s not the end of the world for us, let us prove that we can strive and stand again after all experience is always the best teacher. At the end of the day we should have forgiven the people who do wrong, but never forget that they can always do it to you again. 🙂








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