(Updated) Out of the Bags: Being a Teenage Mom

Most of us knows the popular series from MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. This is about teenagers becoming a mom at an early age. Some I understand, but some may criticize and  give an eye popping reaction. This is not new to me since I was also a Teenage mom. Growing up in a small family (it was just me, my mama and my papa) all their attention was on me, in short I’m a spoiled brat. I have everything in my life as in everything. We are just an above average family, both my parents are into business and most of the time they are focused on our business, but they never forget to see it that I’m okay and gave me all the love I need.

Photo from justjared.com
Photo from justjared.com


At the age of 14 I got pregnant. The hardest part is telling my parents. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was really anxious, anxious about what will happen, what will my parents react and so on. When I got the guts to tell my parents about what was going on in my life, it shocked me that my mom already knew about it and she has begun crying my dad was just really quiet. So let’s fast forward a bit. I had the worst labor in my life, I labored for 2 weeks and I was in and out of the hospital. So after all the hospital dilemmas, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy (I was 15 then).  When I finally have the chance to see him I could not contain the happiness I feel inside. I was young and to think that this baby just came out of me and now I am a mom. So let’s fast forward again. Since I was young when I had him, I need to let my mom take care of him because I need to go back to school (thanks to my parents for being so supportive and valuing education). I had time to cuddle and take care of him after all the errands that I need to finish for school. Growing up, we were just like siblings due to the fact about the age difference. It was really hard, especially when he was about 4-7 years old, this is the age where children, mostly have the thing for being independent and we thought him to be independent also. He knows how to wash dishes at the age of 5 (but we see to it that we are not using glass plates), he knows simple household chores like sweeping and wiping tables. It is really hard to balance being a mom to him while I study. Since most of the time I’ve been at school and after school I need to do homeworks and  projects. So I think at the end he knows I love him, but the love he feels is like a brother – sister thing only. We may not have the mother and son common relationship like what we usually see. I think it’s a plus factor for me having a kid at an early age. I’ve got to spend time with him liking the things he does and he also likes what I do. Being a teenage mom is I think the hardest part of me being a human because I got to learn things at a short time and special thanks to my nephew, I got to change his diapers and clean him up when he was a baby. I think that’s part of my training, though :).

Photo from gistbird.com
Photo from gistbird.com


To sum it up, (I know there are bits and pieces that I forgot to discuss here, really sorry for the poor memory now. The BIG C really got in my mind na ata! 🙂 ) I have the best experience in my life, having kids at an early age is really not a normal thing way back 2002 but I think I’ve been successful in being a mom not because I am a great one but because of the people around me who supports me all the way! I really want to share this story for all the young mothers like me that being a mom really requires many things, but the full support and help of my family I am still standing up and learning every day that motherhood does not end after giving birth but It was just starting. And also I do not want every teenager to be part of the growing population of teenage mothers. If you need someone to talk and comfort you or need an advice about teenage pregnancy, teenage motherhood and anything about the teenager and being a mother, I am just a ping away. I want this post to be of help to others and also to lessen teenage pregnancy. I gotta go! I am on mother mode now. Ciao! 🙂


I just want to share with you a short video on how women went through when giving birth. The pain and the anxiety that every moms feel when giving birth. Here’s the video:


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  1. Hello. It`s so nice that you didn`t abort the child because you were very young. I`m glad you`re in a better position now. Support from family and the people around us is really very significant. It`s so nice hearing a good story from a mom who got pregnant while in her teenage years because whenever I read articles or watch shows about teenage pregnancy, most stories makes me sad. Your story is refreshing.

    1. I really never thought of aborting him after all I think its a gift. I have Cancer now and I cannot conceive anymore> maybe its God’s way of saying that I need my kids in my life to strive harder to fight cancer. I was also interested in going to events hope you can help me out 🙂 Thanks

      1. Hello. I am very sorry to hear that such an unfortunate thing happened to you. I agree. There are reasons in every thing that God gives us. I hope you`ll stay strong and healthy. I just prayed for you. What kind of events? God bless.

  2. Whoa… uhm, I feel you cause I am a teenage mom too, but I believe that you’re lucky you have such supportive parents and even went on to seeing you through your education. Unlike me, when they knew about it, they had 2 notions- to have it aborted in any way possible or just give me to the guy, and stripped me of all my belongings and education… and so much more… I also grow sad that lots of teen pregnancies happen at our time, but then again, I think if all moms and dads just trusted their child more and not get mad at everything they say or do- like asking if they can go to the debut of this or going on a mall trip with the barkada- then we might be living in a world with less teen pregnancies…

    1. @Nicole P, Back then I was really the home buddy type of teenager maybe its really my destiny to become a young mom. And sorry by the way in what happened to you I was really hoping in time we can meet and have a little chit chat 🙂 and I was also thinking of having a group like us teenage moms, so we can have a support group. 🙂

  3. Oh my…I thought when yorry to hear you have cancer but I’m glad that you have a good head for it. It takes a toughie to beat the C and you sound like a toughie to me. Will be praying for your healing and recovery.

    Anyway, 2 weeks labor???? And I thought my 12 hours labor was already so bad. Wow.

  4. Oh my…I thought when you said the big C, i thought you were referring to Caesarian section. Sorry to hear you have cancer but I’m glad that you have a good head for it. It takes a toughie to beat the C and you sound like a toughie to me. Will be praying for your healing and recovery.

    Anyway, 2 weeks labor???? And I thought my 12 hours labor was already so bad. Wow.

    1. Many of my friends told me that I am a one though cookie and I think they are right. When I started the Chemo I only have few falling hair and hindi tlga totally akong nakalbo which is good. Thanks for Including me to your prayer. Hope to meet you soon 🙂

  5. Wow! I admire you for raising your eldest even at such a young age! I wouldn’t know what to do if I was in the position. I knew back then I wanted to have kids early, but looking back now, I don’t think I”d be able to do what I’m doing now and raise my kids at the same time. Kudos to you Mommy!

  6. I got pregnant early, too, while in college. I was already in my early 20’s then, though, but it was still tough. It’s just so great that we have parents who supported us through our journey, right? I am so amazed by your strength!

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