Being a mom to a gay son

Being a mom requires so many things. Like you should know how to cook, clean the house, wash the dishes and take care of the children. I’ve been a mom at an early age and thanks to my mom for guiding me on how to become a parent to my kids. I have two kids, and they are really my strength and everything I do, I do it for them.

My eldest is gay, I know it since he was so tiny and I started noticing it at the age of 1. I thought he was “malamya” lang, but after quite a while I noticed that he’s not a normal boy growing up. He was not asking for Barbie doll nor a cooking set, but he’s not into playing guns and robbers and the like. Most of the time he loves playing with little girls his age. They will play with a garter (the 10/20 game) or piko. I wasn’t surprised that he excels on girly games, he’s really adventurous and really competitive.

As his days go by I noticed that most of the boys on our street are teasing him about being gay and being one of the girls and he’s also being teased at school because of his sexual preference. Most of the time I got into an argument with other parents on his school or on our street because most of the time their children will tease my son and even touched him or pushed him.


My son’s instinct thought him to fight back, he would also tease and call the other boys names. That’s the time the argument with other parents starts, they will tell my son “Bakla ka kasi kaya ka nila inaaway!”, or “Bakla ka! bakit mo inaaway yung anak ko?”. I think mommies like me should be the one who should understand what’s going on with my son, they should tell their children not to tease him because of his sexual preference. Maybe the whole community is not really ready for gay kids, but can we prevent having gay kids? No, we can’t. They are like your children, they have feelings and emotions too. Other parents don’t really realize that calling my son “BAKLA” would help solve the problem. I don’t know why educated parents / person can scrutinize and tell gay people that they are “just” gay.

My son is just like other normal kids, he excels in many things. He’s a very good dancer and he was always in front when they have school dance performance. His group was also invited last Chinese New Year to dance and showcase their talent at Chinatown, Banawe. He’s also good in drawing and designing. He’s a little entrepreneur, he sells accessories and do loombands bracelet.

It’s not easy raising a gay son, he is sometimes moody and would shout at me like we’re just brothers and sisters (thanks to my mom for being a referee). And most of the time we do quarrel on small things. I think that’s normal because of our age difference and since he grew up with my mom (which did a lot on taking care of him). I always tell him that you should ignore other children calling you “bakla” but maybe he had enough.

Having him is a gift. Many will not agree, but his precious, he’s my diamond and he’s worth fighting. We may not be so close like other mother and son relationship (he mostly grew up and taken care by my mom since I need to continue studying that time) but I know we are like sisters. He knows what I like and I know what he likes. We sometimes talked about his crush and other girly things and I think it’s normal because he was just trapped in a boy’s body. My family and I really support him for being gay even his dad doesn’t have a problem with it. I may not be so blunt in telling him how much I love him, but I know deep in his heart that he knows how much I love him and care for him.

Others may call  gays immoral, but they are not they just wanted to live a normal life like us. They don’t need to be pushed away, they need love and affection. They are a very clever person and they need equality in every aspect of their lives. I can say that I am Pro – Gay and Pro – equality for them. As Lady Gaga says in her song “I was born this way”.


watermark tbi(1)
He just love goofing around with his little brother. 🙂
watermark tbi(3)
The dramatic actor when it comes in eating.
watermark tbi(2)
He loves posing with his little brother.
watermark tbi(4)
He’s also the selfie addict.
watermark tbi(5)
Mommy and ahia goofing around moment.
watermark tbi(6)
He says that he was born to be a model.


He was born this way and I am a PROUD mom to him.
He was born this way and I am a PROUD mom to him.

3 thoughts on “Being a mom to a gay son

  1. wow you are such an amazing mom for accepting your son regardless of his sexuality… I’ve heard and seen many stories of gays that are not accepted by their family because they cannot accept the fact that they are gay and I personally don’t see any reason for the hatred.. Your son must be very lucky to have you..
    Thumbs up!

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