Out of the Bags: A writers frustrations

I am a frustrated writer way back my collage days. I would join any essay writing contest in town and most of the time I am on top 5 only, even if I didn’t win any title it opens new doors for me. Specially when I got to meet Mr. Fernando Zobel de Ayala in person. Here’s some of my composition way back then.

Tiny pieces that gently sleeps,
when awake a lot it speaks.

I think Chalk is like a haiku, can’t really remember 🙂

() ()

f g
a t
l e
l a
i r
n s
p i
a n

This one is inspired by C.C. Cummings poem I(a and it’s about pain and sadness and crying. Weird! 🙂

The Mask that lies Beneath

Different mask that we wear,

Different meaning it conveys,

Lies, jealousy and anger.

When sad, we smile though

Our hearts bleed thoroughly.

Why we keep on hiding on what we feel,

Keeping tears inside.

Why not let them flow

And see how hurt we are

We just hide ourselves thru the mask.

Smile, smiling is not part of vocabulary

All we know is to keep their hearts crying.

Crying till the bleeding stops and wear

The mask that they got.


The Plain in the airport

I saw him walking beside the plane, touching and scanning
As if he was one of the passengers of that plane. I ask him,
Are you the great man?, but he refuse. I recognized him,
Ninoy Aquino.

What is he doing?, walking, touching and scanning the plane.
Then he tell a story about a man hit by a bullet when he was
Going down the plane.

I heard him telling the story of his life, but what it was about?
Then when we were walking we hear people talking. Then
I told him, you are the great man that they idolized, the great
Man of all, but then again he refused to accept it.

Then he went away, with the question in my mind, he is a great
Man but why he refused to accept it? Then I heard him answer
I wasn’t the one but the people who believe that they can commit
Freedom on their on.


Upon inheriting my parents debts,
I have to work with all my blood and sweat.
“For such a long time I’ve worked, yet I get nothing from it.”
A rich man who has everything in his grasp.
Yet for him, money and debts are not things of the past.
“All I am after is to get paid back.”
He works day and night, eats twice and rest for a while.
“Master, can I have a day-off, I need a rest…”
“Hey, Slave! Have you forgotten about your parents debts?”
As selfish as he is, unmindful of his fellowman,
“You don’t have the right to rest, not even for a while, you still got a long list to pay!”
“But master, I’m already overworked, weak and fatigue…”
with a demonic voice, a thunderous one,
“I’m giving you the chance to repay and yet all you want is rest!”
Fearful and weak, there’s no choice…
“Forgive me master, I’ll get back to work now”
But the sadist and evil; wasn’t true,
“Enough, from now on you will not work!”
His eyes sparkled, as it stars in the night..
“So, I”l get a rest?”
Like a hyena, the master arrogantly smile and uttered,
“Foul!, I am sending you to jail for all your unpaid debts, I will even accuse you of robbery, you’ll be in jail forever!”
Upon hearing such mockery, a monster was unleashed,
“You’re worst than me, I may not be rich as you, but I don’t steal!”
With all the remaining strength…
The slave choked his master to death,
“Now I’m paid…!”


White grain of rice

Many people rely
To it

A white long
Grain of rice

Cleans through
Water and hands

Put in the
Red plate


Some of my composition is really weird and I can’t really remember how I did that. 🙂




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