New life with our little buddy, Chewey


I always wanted a daughter, not that I don’t want my boys or I don’t consider Achie Hans as my daughter, but I want a little baby now, as in now na!. I think that would take away all the pain and the sad feeling right now. Since I cannot be pregnant anymore we decided to adopt a new puppy and I was really excited although the puppy is for our kids, since they want to have one (nawalan nanaman si Mommy).

We adopted a shih tzu and it’s a boy again! (JonnJett don’t want a girl, quasi it can get pretty daw sacking cunning dog), since my kids and hubby is a little nostalgic about that breed ever since, Mickey our previous dog died of heat stroke. So let’s cut of the long story (haha!).

Meet Chewey the sosyal na Dog. He has his own fan but not this one and his own place in our room, which takes the space of my bags


I’ve never been so alive and so strong after we adopted Chewey,  but deep inside I felt so much pain and I missed a lot of events (sorry to all my pr friends, I need to skip events before Holy Week. Masama talaga lagay ko).

I started feeling that I cannot go out without our little buddy Chewey Choco (his name is really Chewey, but we tend to attach Choco since para naman saying chocolate haha) just last week when I was with him the whole week and we don’t have anything to do. I just fed him and fed him, clean his poop and pee, play with him, run until I was so pagoda na and that time I really felt alive and pain free (but after I need to take meds masakit na ang tuhod ko!). I also ditched the social media world and my blog for a short time to abstain, but I think I didn’t kept my promise to abstain the whole week (sorry Lord).

I was just really happy to be with him and my whole family, I just felt a brand new ARCEE has been activated and now I am feeling so energize to do events and to socialize again! But 1 event at a time only 🙂

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