No time for Dirty Jobs? is the answer!

As a mom have you ever felt very tried of doing household chores when your kids and hubby are out doing their thing? I personally felt this and sometimes all you just wanted is to give up and just employ a full time nanny or “kasambahay” to help you with all the things you need to accomplish for that day.

That is why three bright young minds did a very fab business to finally be our solution to these problems. is a company that offers day‐to‐day household and specific services through online platform, by affiliated/partner service providers, to individuals and/or families needing them. Along with the PARTNER SERVICE PROVIDERS, aims to provide quality service to its users through unique and reliable services offered by the partners. is really the answer to a mommies prayer to have some help without emplying someone full time. Maybe you are thinking what services are available on here’s the list:


By the way they also have an app for much easier access all you have to do is download it on your Android phone (their app will soon be available on iOS). You can also choose from ordinary booking and special bidding.


These two options will surely help you budget on what services you will get and they also assure the safety of the hard earned money you pay every service you will book.

On the event awhile ago:

So if you want your life easier and less work load just visit or download their app on Google Play just look for Dirty Jobs. You can also check they out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and news!


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