No Credit Card? No problem with GCash, GCredit!

I have 3 credit cards before, but I opt to let them go. I have a hard time maintaining the three of them and I must say I have all the impulse in the world when I’m with them haha! But that was me so many years ago. Now I am more matured enough in handling our money (nagbuhat po ako talaga ng bangko, about budgetting. haha!) on what to buy or not.

Whenever I see my credit card I will always tell my self that I can replenish it next time and I end up having a lot to replenish because of impulse buying. Now that we don’t have don’t have any, I am doing my grocery shopping in a budget and no to impulse buying, but sometimes I end up having difficulty on where to get money specially if we have unwanted bills.

Thankfully GCash has been my partner for so long when I go grocery shopping or buying things for my children. Now they have what you call the GCREDIT. GCredit is like a Credit card, but you just need your phone to pay. GCredit is based on your GScore and GScore (is translated as trust score also) is determined by the transactions you do in your GCash Account, the higher the Score the higher the credit limit you can get from them. By the way the interest rate will depend also on your GScore and it ranges from 3% to 5%. Imagine when you use GCredit to buy your grocery of P1000 all you just have to pay for the interest is P50.

I can’t wait to try their GCredit! As of now my GCredit is not yet super high, but will update you soon on how to use it step by step!

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