Nissin’s newest Souper delicious big bowls for the go-getters

In today’s world everything instant is the easiest way to eat, to sleep and to do things. With the fast paced world younger generations are now adopting to a go-getter lifestyle. With the newest line of cup noodles by Nissin, go-getters can look forward to a  bold, delicious and a big cup of noodles. Nissan’s Souper Meal is a big serving of instant noodles and it is available in four scrumptious flavours!

The Four flavours are:



The Chinese inspired Nissan Souper Meal Beef Brisket. It is made of rich beef broth that will surely let you crave for more oriental experience.


The Nissin Souper Meal Seafood Flavour will take you under the sea and with real seafood inside like, the sea urchin and crab.


Nissin’s Souper Meal Hot and Spicy will surely tickles your tastebuds as it has a new twist in  spiciness. The broth is a combination of rich chicken and mushroom to compliment the intense level of spiciness.


And lastly, If you are the adventurous type and want to try a new taste in instant noodles. You must try Nissin’s Souper Meal’s Garlic Pork Tonkatsu, it is the first ever pork based variant from Nissin. But, as the saying goes by, you can never get wrong with pork because it is so mouth watering that lets you taste the garlic and the pork broth.

Nissin has been in the market for quite sometime and they are the leading cup noodle brand in the country. Nissin’s Souper Meal Bowl is a convenient, appetising and ready in an instant food that has  a lot of new flavours that will surely entice your palette that will surely make you say that it is a Souper Sarap big bowl. For only P29, this big bowl of meal will take you further and it’s not available in our leading supermarket and grocery nationwide.


*Photos of the event awhile ago. Just click here

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