What you need to know about casual sex?

You hear something about casual sex from time to time. Probably one of your friends told you that he thinks that actual relationship is no good, and he would prefer casual sex. Really, a lot of people are afraid of the commitment, as we are afraid of breakups and broken hearts. At the same time, while the whole idea seems quite thrilling, when it comes to straightforward sex without any commitment we often back off. As with any fear, the fear of casual sex comes from the absence of enough information on the issue. So, we are going to give you everything you wanted to know about casual sex.

Commitment Issues

Casual sex is not a place where you can bring your commitment issues. This is idespread problem for Russian girls, by the way. There is no commitment in a casual relationship. You should mind that if you are planning that your casual relationship will grow into something bigger than regular sex – back off, as you are most likely to get hurt. You’ve seen “No Strings Attached” and “Friends with Benefits”? Great, but life is not a movie, and if you decided to start a casual relationship, you should do everything possible for it to stay that way. You remember that you got into it because you were afraid of commitment? Then why start thinking about commitment now?

Forget About Your Inner World

When it comes to a romantic relationship, you worry a lot about your inner world to be properly presented to your partner. The best thing about casual sex that your sex-mate most likely doesn’t give a damn about your inner world. You don’t need to pick the right words; you don’t need to think about whether your sex-mate has the same worldview as you; you don’t need to care about whether your sex-mate finds you an interesting person. Actually, you shouldn’t care about what your sex-mate thinks of you. Your casual relationship is going to last as long as both of you manage to have fun in bed, all other things just don’t matter.

Be Honest

The main thing about casual sex is being honest. That’s why you need to make sure that you are really into casual sex. If you are going to take the number of your prospective sex-mate without planning to call him or her – there is no point in asking for it in the first place. There is no point in talking about casual sex if you have no intentions to engage in it. So, you need to be honest with yourself. If someone offers you casual relationship, and you are unsure – don’t say “yes”. If you are sure that you don’t want to engage in casual sex – don’t say “maybe”. You need to be honest with your prospective sex-mate, and you need to be honest with yourself.


You need to remember about protection when you are in a casual relationship. While a romantic relationship means being faithful to each other, nothing prevents your casual sex partner from having sex with others. So, when you are in a casual relationship mind using condoms, as you don’t want your sexcapades to result in visiting your doctor on a regular basis.

Are You Sure You’re Into It?

Now, after learning the most important facts about casual sex, you can figure out whether it is something that you’d like to try. Once again, you need to be honest with yourself. What seems quite intriguing in the article, may turn out to be not that great in reality. So, ask yourself whether you are sure that you’re into it.

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