Naxional: From South America to Uptown BGC

Naxional is the newest and the trendiest go-to South American restaurant in town. If you are looking to further your palate you’ve got to try this restaurant which is located at 2nd floor of Uptown Parade in BGC.

Naxional is a South American themed diner which will open this Friday, August 12, 2016. Raymond Magdaluyo who was originally conceptualized it and was really inspired by his visits to diners abroad including: Coppelia in New York and Electric Diner in London and upon returning to the country he reached out to Jun Sunga and Vanessa Matsunaga for his great vision. He also partnered with people who are born and raised in South America and they are Daniel Matsunaga and his mother, Gege Matsunaga and Lifestyle Network host and winner of The Clash, Cynthia Patos.

“We want the menu to be South American home-cooked dishes, which we think Filipino diners would love to try. Family cooking takes time, so you have to put effort on these dishes. We designed the menu well enough that dishes (need to be) prepared a day or two (ahead),” said Patos.

Other members of the founding team, who are not originally South American, paid multiple visits and fell in love with the food in the region.

“All our experiences were put together, and allowed us to have a unique and exciting concept of bringing the Latin American culture to Manila,” said Lei Norwood, Naxional partner and wife of Fil-Am basketball player, Gabe Norwood. “As Gabe and I explore South America, we fell in love with their food and we are excited to share our favorite flavors with everyone. Naxional is basically born out of the collective passion we and the partners have.”

Naxional’s menu is filled with stories from a families tradition and cooked with imported spices and locally grown ingredients which will surely made the dishes very flavourful.

Creating a consistent and flavorful experience for the entire family, Naxional’s menu contains the following sets: Pasabocas (starters), Ensalata (salads), Sopas (soup), Brunch, Entrees for both one and for sharing, Asadas (grilled meat), Sandwiches and Desserts.  The al fresco bar is ready to introduce new South American cocktails to the Philippines.

Their signature dish, Patacones, is a popular Puerto Rican household dish made of the customer’s choice of meat perfectly seasoned in sofrito sauce, topped with Carne (beef), Cerdo (pork)  or camarones (shrimp), served with fried plantains and guacamole.

Another must-try is Elote, a Latino’s favorite, which is a popular street food made of chargrilled sweet corn, dabbed with chili butter, mayo lime, and crumbled cheese. Diners should also get their hands on Ecuador’s Encebollado – hangover fish stew served with cassava and pickled red onions.

Naxional’s chefs will also entertain diners with specialty South American steaks such as the Black Angus Picanha open flame grilled on their in-house Fire Pit.

The diner is open Monday to Saturday, 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. and on Sundays from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M.. For the latest updates, follow Naxional on Facebook: and @NaxionalDiner on Instagram and Twitter.

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