Nailaholics will soothe your mind and your nails

Most of the time our nails are least given attention since we can hide it in our shoes and due to our busy schedule we forget to pamper and give love our nails. Thanks to a beach themed nail salon, Nailaholics.

Nailaholics will surely help us destress and help us soothe our aching feet and hands. We also get a chance to meet new friends and have a small chit chat because they have half a dozen plush armchairs, we can also stretch out our legs fully as we wait for our nails to be painted and we can also take a nap because the chair is so comfy.


Nailaholics is our easy getaway, we can easily get a very quick side trip over lunch or before going home, the calming ambiance and interior will surely give you a great experience and there is no other Nail Salon and Spa that can offer these qualities and they just don’t offer their calming ambiance and interior, but they are also very meticulous in crafting our nails and painting it with love.

“Nailaholics understands that women today are busy. Sure, a trip to the nail salon feels indulgent, but it’s one that they feel they need and deserve. Our goal is to make this kind of pampering experience, one that fits seamlessly into the busy lifestyles of our clientele, accessible,” explains Rizza Duenas, Operations Manager of Nailaholics.

They also offer packages that will surely fits what you will need for a very tiring and stressful day. Nailaholics is the best choice when it comes to our nails and pampering our selves because at the end of the day women need to pamper our nail, feet and hands because women need to pamper our selves before wearing that nice stiletto.


And oh before I forget, Nailaholics will open in Ilo-Ilo very soon! Watch out for more about them by check out their social media sites.

FB: /nailaholics
Instagram: @_nailaholics
Twitter: @_nailaholics

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