Nailaholics Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa

Last Saturday, after my lunch date with my two good friend, Jay and Edel because Jay is living us for Australia huhu.. 🙁 I’ve always particular with the health of my feet because I am just obsessed with my feet even though it looks like a gigantic ginger (haha!) I still love it because my skin is so thin and can easily get cuts and bruises that’s why I always check it every now and then and I wanted them to be pampered at least twice a month.

That is why I am so excited again to go to my favourite Nail Spa, Nailaholics to do my foot spa, to be specific I wanted the Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa because it restores the glow of the skin.

Nailaholics Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa.2

Here’s what it provide as per the Nailaholics’ website:

Provide a nourishment with Mud Mask treatment enhanced with Moringa and Sunflower oil – known for its anti-stress properties which cleanses the skin by drawing out impurities. Naturally restore skin’s strength and elasticity creating a silky and healthy look. Stimulated with a lavender scent for a soothing calm effect.

My treatment started with soaking my feet, Ate Maine scrub the soles of my feet and she scrub my feet and legs, which is very relaxing because I can feel that my skin is now breathing and after the scrub I can feel that my skin is so soft and supple. Then, after that Ate Maine put the Mud Mask on my feet and legs and was left for 10-20 mins.

Then finally my favourite part, my nail colour! I just love how my feet and legs felt and the smoothness and suppleness of my skin. I think I am super loving Deadsea Mud mask.

Hello from my fresh feet!

Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa  + Palm Beach Pedicure
Hands:350   Foot: 550                               P 230

Say hello from my beautiful feet! though it’s not really beautiful haha!

Nailaholics Deadsea Mud Mask Detoxifying Spa.1

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