Achi’s Vivere Salon Experience

Last week, Achi my eldest had her very first hair treatment at Vivere Salon (She’s gay that is why I preferred to use “she” or “her”). She’s very anxious on what to expect on that day because she had a bad experience last time when she had her hair cut, that is why she opted to keep it very long and no shape at all.

After all the convincing and long talks about Vivere Salon, i finally had her say yes and do haircut and hair treatment because she opted to tie it even if her hair is still wet and her hair went super dry and frizzy. She looks like a big hair ball whenever she is tying her hair and it does not really suits her.

Vivere Salon

I haven’t seen all the thing done to her, but I was really so amazed how beautiful the outcome is and after three days of not wetting her hair, her hair is still so soft, manageable and smooth. It is as if a miracle is made to her hair. I also love how straight it is, but not like the “waling ting ting” type of straight. The treatment done to her was relax, but she also have another treatment that I forgot to asked but I remember that it has cream for rebonding.

Here are some of the photos I took after her treatment:

You can check out her hair experience by clicking the link → Daddy’s Little Mermaid

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