My request to my husband if I die first

My request to my husband if I die first

My request to my husband if I die first

It’s been a while since I write a blog post about myself or what I was thinking at this time of the day. Then this came into my mind, the things or my request if ever I die first. You may think that it is so morbid of me, but let’s all be open minded, life is too short and I wanted him to know what I really wanted when I die.

So here’s my list:

  1. I don’t want to be buried. I would love to be cremated and my ashes to be scattered where you proposed to me. (Hopefully you still remember it)
  2. If ever, I was confined in an ICU, please don’t let me suffer so much if you need to take off the life support, take it off. It will be a big savings for you and also a less burden and pain for me.
  3. I don’t want a eulogy in my wake. (I don’t want drama please…)
  4. I want Hydrangeas for my flowers. (My fave flower)
  5. I want my wake to be happy, commemorating the happy memories and less of what cancer gave me.
  6. I want my favorite songs to be played at my wake.
  7. I want my dress to be like my wedding dress. Which has a very summer-y look . And please, no sleeveless.
  8. I want my organs to be donated to people who are in need.
  9. I want my things to be given away to people who are in need.
  10. I want my kids to grow up having the best life you can give them.

I was a bit teary eyed when I was composing these 10 requests and I was really thinking about more of my request, but for now this is my top request.  How about you? Have you thought about what will be your request when you die first?

One thought on “My request to my husband if I die first

  1. Arcee, this is a very touching post and a very scary topic to deal with in my honest opinion. Truly we don’t really know when its our time to go and very few are lucky enough to device plans and wishes before that dreadful day comes. Just thinking about death makes me feel so nervous..I am terrified with that thought. I am me and just being honest. I admire your courage and your profound love for your kids, mom and husband.

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