My I-Lipo experience at Skin Philosophie by Dra. Kyla Talens

Last January my waistline is just 27 inches and after 3 months it shoot up to 30 inches which makes more difficult for me to wear my old clothes. Since, I cannot do strenuous work or even exercise I got a lot bigger and it really frustrates me because I cannot wear my clothes anymore and have to hoard clothes which is not in my budget.

I blame this big body from taking steroids which I need to make my immune system stronger to avoid contagious diseases and also to support my back.

Skin Philosopie by Dra. Kyla Talens

So, I tried I-Lipo at Skin Philosopie. It is a not invasive treatment which can lessen my big tummy. Here’s how it works:

  • Small paddles are placed in your tummy with velcro strap to stay in place. It takes 10-20 minutes for that first procedure.
  • And after that, a vacuum like machine is being use to suction my tummy which takes up for 20-30 minutes.

The I-Lipo treatment is so painful for me because of the suction procedure and that is the very first time I experience it. But, if you want to achieve a beautiful body you need to take the pain it cause. After the procedure, I have a lot of bruises which is really part of the treatment due to the suction process. What is more surprising is that my tummy softens like a gelatine and for 3 days I am realising the the fat from the procedure.

Skin Philosopie by Dra. Kyla Talens.1

Would I go back to have more treatment? I think I am so much in pain last time that it’s my first time to experience that kind of pain and the pain of my therapy for my BIG C just came back and I just to scared to try it again. But, I can assure that this procedure is very effective and you should better try it.

If you want to experience what I experience, better check out Skin Philosophie it is located at The Fort Strip, 3rd Level, 28th Street Corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines. You can contact them at 09178664433 or 09178860646. You can also email them at

For more details, visit or check out Skin Philosophie’s Facebook pageSkin Philosophie by Dra. Kyla Talens

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