My first Ensogo experience

It was my first time to do online shopping with Ensogo Philippines. I always wanted to try using Ensogo, but I always end up telling myself to stop shopping (certified shop-a-holic here). But, when they get in touch with me to work with their brand, I got excited because I can now try their vouchers and buy their bags. So here’s my first purchase on Ensogo Philippines and how to shop with them.

Last month I listed my favourite things that I saw in Ensogo Philippines website so now its my very first transaction and I am a bit undecided of what should I buy. 🙂

Ensogo Philippines October

Been dying to buy a new wallet since August and I’ve been asking my husband to buy me a Cath Kidson wallet last week and he even told me that there is something good coming (buti na lang I listened to him). So, my priority when I opened my the Ensogo website is to check out their branded wallet. And all of you knows (or maybe not all of you) that I love Michael Kors.

This voucher should be our staycation, but we need to schedule it before purchasing. That's why I ended up buying the two items.
This voucher should be our staycation, but we need to schedule it before purchasing. That’s why I ended up buying the two items.

I should have three things to purchase, but since hubby is out of town, and I can’t ask him if we will pursue our staycation I ended up purchasing the Michael Kors wallet and my surprise to him an Issey Miyake for homme perfume. Wish he would not read this article or else my surprise is ruined.

Ensogo Philippines October.3

After I purchased these two items now, I am puzzled on the next move. If I should wait for my items to be delivered or I, need to pick it up on Ensogo’s office? But I did put a delivery address since it has an option whether for delivery or pick up. Maybe I’ll just wait or call tomorrow if what would be my next step. But, I can’t hide my excitement until now. Still have some Ensogo credits and hopefully before the day ends me and my hubby can finally decide for our staycation.

And here’s what I did after choosing what I wanted to buy:

Ensogo Philippines October.5
After I have decided what to buy, this will be the next prompt you will see. All you need to do is follow the steps. I choose my items to be delivered to our house.


Ensogo Philippines October.7
These are the 2 items I bought. You can set the items for delivery or for pick up.

How about you? Have you already tried Ensogo? If not, you will surely enjoy it like me.Please don’t forget to check their social media pages. Be sure drop by again soon for my next update about the products I bought at Ensogo.

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