Here are the Must-Follow Fall Fashion Trends

The best season is fastly approaching, and what season is that? Fall, obviously! Why is Fall the best season? It is officially time to bring out the cute boots, sweaters, and handbags. So what is trending this Fall season?

One of the biggest ticket items for Fall is definitely sweaters. You probably will not be able to find any women who does not have at least one sweater in their closet. This Fall try and go with an oversized sweater that covers the behind. You can pair it with some cute leggings, which are always on trend. If you go with a brightly colored sweater or one with pattern try pairing it with simple black leggings.

Another hot item for Fall is to purchase a new handbag. When it comes to purchasing the perfect handbag you could try and stick with “Fall” colors like burgundy, tan or burnt orange. These colors compliment pretty much any outfit, and they give off the essence of Fall. For Fall leather or faux leather handbags are usually the best. So put away your cloth handbags from the beach, and bring out the leather so everything inside (including your phone) does not get cold or ruined.

Inside your purse you are going to need the essentials as well, EOS lip balm is a perfect all year round product that will help your lips out as the season’s change. During the colder months, it is easy for your lips to crack, so remember to keep them hydrated with some EOS lip balm.

And yes, it is time to bring the booties back out! Ankle boots are super hot right now and go with any outfit from jeans all the way to a knee-high dress. Purchasing a pair of booties in either black or brown will make them versatile to match with any outfit. Surely you own probably a bunch of booties already, but treat yourself this Fall and buy a new pair that you are absolutely in love with.

Fall is the best season of the year to be daring, so do not be afraid to try something new and exciting. You or your wardrobe will not regret it!

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