Movie Endings We Can’t Get Over

Ever experienced buying the best LED TV model and immediately watched a movie due to excitement? Then, an hour and a half later you regret watching it because of the ending that blew your mind and broke your heart.

We all have a movie ending that keeps us up at night, wishing that it concluded in another way. The typical heartbreaking endings are either two lovers do not end up together or when characters are unable to fulfill their goal. Among all unexpected endings, a death of a crowd favorite character will top the list.


Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio played a detective in search of a psychiatric inmate, who suddenly disappeared. Alongside his assistant, they scour the compound and even the nearby cliff in search of the convict. The search was going well. Eventually, the stowaway was found in a cave by the cliff and the ugly truth about the management was discovered.

Viewers were at the edge of their seat, anxious to know if Leonardo will be able to leave the island unharmed. The truth hit Leonardo (and the viewers) like a truck on a freeway, as the head of the facility reminded him of his past that led to his insanity. It turns out his “partner” was actually his personal psychiatrist.

Towards the end, Leonardo remembers more about his past and seem to gain back his sanity. Sadly, he relapsed back to his make-believe universe and had to undergo lobotomy.

The first plot twist can cause a viewer to go mad, but the ending left the audience with aching hearts.



Here is another Leonardo DiCaprio movie with a shocking ending. We can’t get over the ending of this movie because of five words: There. Was. Room. For. Two.

We all agree, right?


A Walk to Remember

“I’m sick. I have Leukemia.” These words will stick with us as long as our memory can serve us because it’s too painful to forget.

Halfway through the movie, we were all mentally and emotionally preparing ourselves for Jamie’s death. In the end, we still bawled our eyes out, especially during the wedding.

The bittersweet ending, of Jamie dying, and Landon changing his ways will forever remind us that miracles can happen.

Admit it, even receiving the best LED TV for free can’t mend the pain in our hearts.


Toy Story 3

The moment Andy gave Woody to Bonnie was the instant that a theater full of teenagers was filled with sobs. Oh, this was rated as a child’s movie.

People who grew up watching Toy Story will know the bond that Andy had for his toys. Andy was the best owner any toy could have. The first two movies ended happily and the gang has always found a way to reunite with Andy; that’s why seeing them separated, for good, is not a scene that was ever expected.


Edward Scissorhands

This movie is like a cross between Romeo & Juliet and also Beauty and the Beast. Like Belle and the beast, Kim and Edward are too different. Yet, both couples still manage to fall in love. Sadly, Edward cannot transform into a human like the beast. In the end, Kim and Edward are as star-crossed as Romeo & Juliet.

It has been almost 28 years since it premiered, and we still haven’t moved on. Remembering Grandma Kim’s reluctance to meet Edward once again is still distressing until today.


Fight Club

Let’s stop with the sob story and move on to an action-packed movie with an unexpected plot twist.

Edward Norton starred in this seemingly normal action movie, where he played this average Joe who’s bored with his life. Then came in Brad Pitt, who turns his life upside down. Together, they live the unconventional and albeit insane lifestyle. Eventually, they formed a brotherhood that blows up buildings.

Want to know what’s the catch in this movie?

Edward and Brad turn out to be the same person.

The title and the onset did not give any indication that he has mental illness, specifically Multiple Personality Disorder. It came in as a shock to the characters and even more so to the audience. Nobody saw that coming.


Key Takeaway

You’ve made it this far!

How are you feeling?

Hopefully, the list above did not re-open any past wounds. If it did, well, there’s no harm in reminiscing our first taste of heartbreak.


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