Mornings are never the same without Koko Krunch + Our first Mommy Mundo Journey Box

My kids loves Koko Krunch and other cereals like, Milo and Honey Stars. It is also a very convenient way of eating breakfast because we just need fresh milk and the cereal and that’s it. Though the big box last a week or two, since they love it so much that they end up eating it as their “merienda” and sometimes their midnight snack.


I always asked them why they love it so much and they both said, “It’s delicious and convenient. You just pour on the milk and that’s it!” Usually in the mornings my boys will just plainly pour Koko Krunch or Honey Stars on their bowl with a milk and in their snack they usually put some fruits and sometimes use Milo powder to substitute to milk.


Moving on my kids breakfast, I am so much thankful that they included Fitnesse, since I am on a diet and wanted to go back to my shape before I use Fitnesse to substitute my afternoon snack and it’s also a substitute to my junk food consumption.

By the way here’s our very first Mommy Mundo Journey Box and here’s what’s inside it:


I did give the whole box to my niece which is very suitable for her. There are four (4) kinds of Mommy Mundo Jouney Box:

  • The Soon-to-be-Mommy Box for expectant moms
  • The Welcome to Motherhood Box for moms with newborns
  • The Smiles and Tickles Box for moms with toddlers
  • The Hello, Kiddo! Box for moms with preschool-aged kids and up.

And here’s how to be part of the growing Mommy Mundi Community for the modern moms:

  1. Apply for a new Mommy Mundo Passport by visiting This is tagged at Php 500 with 1-year validity
  2. Choose the appropriate Journey Box
  3. Pick up your Journey Box at the Mommy Mundo HQ in Pasig City, or have it delivered via courier
  4. If you’re an existing Mommy Mundo passport holder, you can reprint your card and get the Journey Box for Php 300.

So what are you waiting for? Get your involve with your fellow mommies and take home your very first Journey Box. Hope you mommies list Koko Krunch, Honey Stars and Fitnesse on your grocery list.



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