How morning breath can ruin our relationship?

Dentiste Toothpaste

Every morning our breath doesn’t smell that good. That is why most of the time when couples do morning cuddle women tends to stop their husband or partner in kissing her. Like me, I tend to be so shy every morning to kiss him even though he doesn’t mind that we haven’t brush our teeth yet. He always told me that no matter what I look like or smell like, he will continue kiss and cuddle.

Dentiste Toothpaste
We now found the secret for our morning kiss!

But, let’s face it. Mornings are great to cuddle and kiss, but we hesitate to give it to our beloved partner which I think can ruined our relationships.

Here’s a run down on how morning breath can or maybe ruin our relationships:

We tend to ignore our partners morning cuddle.

  • Or maybe we just ignore them by sleeping again haha.

We hesitate to kiss every morning.

  • Since we hesitate kissing in the morning, sometimes our hubby would be in his baddest mood throughout the day or even after that day! (hugot pa more please!)

Since we are ignoring their special moves in the morning our partners may not do it again.

  • Yes, you heard it right. Most men exert so much effort to make us happy, but if we tend to hide from them they’ll get mad or make “topak” on you.

Lastly, our hubby may look for other woman

  • Hala ka! (Oh no, look what you’ve done!) It may sound over acting, but we can never know right?


Dentiste Toothpaste
I love personalized things. Thanks Dentiste for the couple oral kit!

That is why we should use Dentiste toothpaste! With Dentiste’s toothpaste and mouthwash is must have for every couple because it has ingredients that helps us achieved a fresher morning breath! It has natural ingredients like, 14 natural extracts, Xylitol, Vitamin C and other ingredients. This formulation is special because it fights nighttime oral bacteria and fight morning breath and cavities.

Now we can never be ashamed to kiss and cuddle with our hubbies! That’s why we are trying our Dentiste toothpaste later, check my Snapchat: dbaginvestg8r so you can check how we use it with love! Happy Valentines Bagista’s Don’t forget to by and use Dentiste before your date this weekend.

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