Mommy Finds: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken came from Taiwan and it is the one-stop-shop for large fried chicken. It started in 1992 as a little kiosk in Shilin Market in Taiwan and they have sold more than 3,000 chicken fillet everyday and with that they have became the biggest fried chicken in Taiwan.

Hot Star has taken over Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and last 2014 they opened their doors in the Philippines.

The Place

We visited Hot Star Banawe and upon entering, you’ll see a very rustic and homey kind of restaurant. We love how the interior was made it was as if you are entering a cool train station in Taiwan, though we haven’t been there before. We both love the interior the graffiti and the color blue and yellow which is really different from the most common red and yellow color fast food chains usual color.


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Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll see a large photo of their famous large chicken which can help you get more excited to taste their chicken. It is also a great place for your #OOTD or just a simple selfie with your family or friends. You need to go up to get into the restaurant and on the right side you’ll see the counter where you can order your large fried chicken and on the left is the dining tables and the lovely graffiti and beautiful paintings of Hot Star.


You’ll feel at home and once you’ve settle down and wait for your order. Are you getting excited about it?

The Food (with Prices)

Hot Star presented five food choices and their most popular dessert black gulaman and almond and I’ll tell you some secret about it, but before that here’s the food that they serve for us:


The Large Original Chicken is their famous 12″ chicken and it cost P145 for ala carte and you can add rice and drinks for only P35 or spaghetti and drinks for P65. You can also choose from their famous 5 flavors: Salt and Pepper, Barbecue, Sweet and Sour, Chili Pepper and Red Hot.

They served us just the original chicken with salt and pepper and we love it instantly! It was like love at first bite. The chicken was so tender and juicy even to the last bite. And I really love how intricate the filleting system they do to their chicken.

I do recommend this one to everyone who love chicken!



This one is called the Junior Signature Chicken, because it is the miniature size of the 12″ chicken and this is very recommendable for our kids. The Junior Signature is P99 with rice and need to add P16 for the drinks and P40 for the side dishes. Kids can also choose what flavor they want and this one is with barbecue sauce and I love the how not to sweet and not too sour the sauce is and I enjoyed every bite.

You may think that this Junior chicken may not be as juicy, crispy and tender, but you are wrong Hot Star manage to maintain this small packed chicken like the 12″ they are famous for.


img_1826img_1826 <<< Click this for the video

This is part of their side dishes, the chicken skin which you can also choose to add flavor. Their chicken skin is so crunchy and so flavorful we even forgot our names after we ate them. This one is flavored with chili pepper and I love spicy food. That’s why I recommend this to people who love chicken skin and spicy food though I know they still have another much spicier that this one and I will try it very soon!



This is one of their newest offering the Dimsum Bowls and this is P79 and you just need to add P16 for the drinks and add P40 for the side dish. They also have Lumpiang Shanghai and Chicken Siomai which you can choose from. But this is available in selected branches only and Banawe branch have this Dimsum Bowls.

We love the dimsum because it’s crunchy and it taste so good it is as if you are eating Taiwan’s famous dimsum. And I also love that the dimsum is has a lot of meat inside that just full of wrappers. The rice has its own taste and flavor and they called it the Soy Chicken Rice and it’s really tasty and you can eat it alone.

This is very recommendable for those who are in a budget and still wants to eat a great food that will never disappoints.



I love fries! And Hot Star’s fries give another twist because it has a salt and pepper flavor, but it’s really different from the other fries you see. Its taste is very distinct that you can just buy this to at Hot Star. The fries is part of their side dishes along side with mashed potato, mushroom soup and their famous chicken skin and this cost P45 only.


At last my favorite part! I super love their Black Gulaman, but this one is different because it’s a mix of almond jelly and black gulaman. This two is part of Hot Star’s famous dessert and it’s very affordable at P45 to quench your thirst specially this summer. I can’t explain how yummy and recommendable this is but you should try it!

The Menu


The Overall Chicken experience

If I can grade our experience at Hot Star we both agreed to give them 8 out of 10 because we love almost all of their food offerings and with a budget of P500 you can eat a lot of great food items in Hot Star. They have great food without leaving your pocket empty.

What we both love the most is the Dimsum and the Junior size chicken and of course our favorite the combination of black gulaman and almond jelly! You guys must try these and you will never regret it.

I’ll hosting a giveaway soon, so you guys can have the chance to check out Hot Star’s famous chicken! So better stay tuned, but for now check their social media site for updates!


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