Mommy Bloggers describe what it means to be a mom + How can we all be a SuperMom?

Hay! (Imagine my very first word I typed in this blogpost) It’s really super hard to be a mom and most of the time no one would appreciate what you’ve been doing for the longest time. I’ve been a mom for 15 years. I think no one will ever say this, on how long have you’ve been a mom, just like asking how long have you been working.

Have you experience this? 

Above all this sentiments I typed above, I love being a mom. I love how I see my children grow up to be the person they wanted, like my eldest she’s a transgender woman (still in transition) and I’ve always supported what she wanted to be in life. My youngest was a super memory geek and would join competitions every now and then and supported him wherever the competition brought us. It’s draining, tiring and most of all fulfilling.

I can say that I have a love-hate relationship with motherhood sometime I feel burned out and sometimes I wanted to push myself more. That’s why I asked fellow mom bloggers on how they can describe what it means to be a mom? Here are some of them:







I think we all are supermoms and we all have different things we use to be a supermom. I do pilates and take Cecon Vitamins C to power up my SuperMom mode specially when I feel so drained and dead tired from work, household chores and taking care of the kids. How about you how are you powering up your SuperMom mode? How about try Cecon Vitamins with Zinc?


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