The Mirandugh’s goes to Ilocandia: A travel for work and leisure

Me and my husband aimed to travel the country once every year and this year, we invaded Ilocandia region. Our first stop was at Bantay, Ilocos Sur to meet our super humble second mother, Estella Villareal. We stayed at their house for two days for work and also for leisure.

Travel time!

We rode Fariñas Transit going to Laoag, but we go down at Bantay, Ilocos Sur. The bus was cozy, but a little bit old and dirty.

Ilocos Sur Spots

We arrived in Bantay at around 5:30AM and we travelled 20 minutes from where we were dropped of to the Villareal’s House. Here are our adventures for day 1.

Our first stop was to do rounds on our favorite Bantay Bread. We have three branches in Ilocos Sur and I must say that we are the best when it comes to bread!

Then we went to Apo Caridad’s Church and Bantay Watch tower. Love this spot because it’s super Instagram worthy! And here’s a full view of Bantay Watch Tower.

Did you know? Na tinalon ni Romy Diaz yung tower para sa movie na Panday? Now you know! 


we also tried Sinanglaoan, bongga ang pila nila besh! Parang blockbuster movie.

Visited the Syquia Masion, the mansion where the wife of the late President Elpidio Quirino resided. Imagine she was just 16 or 17 and elpidio is very much older. I love Museum and antiques places like this it gives us much knowledge about the history and their family secrets also 🙂

We also visited the old carsel (jail house). They turned it into a museum and also visited President Elpidio Quirino’s Museum full of his clothes, shoes and his other stuff.

And then we finally tried Bantay’s Gem, Marichu’s Lumpianada! We also saw how they made each lumpianada. They also serve Miki, Ginataang Bilobilo and Barbecue. Try all their food and sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na ito na yung pinaka masarap na food na natikman  mo!

We also went to the famous Baluerte of Chavit Singson. Tried feeding the camel and the ostrich.

Then we hit the famous Calle Crisologo.

We also visited the Hidden Garden.

We visited another property of Chavit Singson. I forgot the name, but it’s super nice and there are a lot of animals there. Ang chismis magkakaroon daw ng Giraffe.

Ilocos Norte Spots

After all our shenanigans in Ilocos Sur, we head on to Ilocos Norte since Fariñas Bus line is located in Ilocos Norte. Our travel time is 8:30PM so we decided to have a day tour in near by towns like Bacarra Suba and Laoag.

Our first stop is Ilocos Norte, you’ll see a lot antique pieces and how simple life is in Ilocos Norte before


Next stop is Malacañang of the North, where the Marcoses resided when the greatest man is still the President. (I know a lot will not agree on this sentence.)


I can’t wait to see the Paoay Church, I always love old churches as it can give so much history and story.

We also went to the bird sanctuary and I will never forget this big baka. Susuwagin lang naman niya ako, my husband even told me that he was just pooping pero I sticked to my gut that he’s going to aim for me and susuwagin niya ako buti na lang I run so fast and hindi niya ako naabutan. Haha!

This bell tower is called The sinking bell tower . Our tour guide told us that this tower has been sinking and sinking every year.

Last and final spot we go was Suba, Sand Dunes and this is were my ear drum got teared and now at this moment I am still a little bit deaf. ahaha!

I may have difficulty hearing now, but I must say I will never regretted the day I rode this super cool 4×4 ride! We also see the where Panday, Walang Himala, Temptation Island and Bagani shoot some of their scenes in the movie and serye. Thank God Kuya Boni, our tour guide pushed me to try it, I was so afraid to do it at first and just opted to do an atv, but I braved it!

It was a nice experience roaming the streets of Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, soon I will bring my kids with us and explore more in Ilocos Norte! Thanks again to our humble and super lovable family in Ilocos the Villareal’s! Our trip was extra specially because of them.

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