The Bag Investigator is open for contributors, I love that most people are happy to contribute on my site and help me build my audience. That is why I am very happy to introduce them to you!

Pam is my very first contributor and I am very much proud of her and the way she writes about her articles. Get to know her more below:

Pam De Guzman

Pam De Guzman, a.k.a the kid from the North, is a frustrated writer, event organizer, business owner and an aspiring director and writer of a personal/fashion/movie/book/travel blog. She’ll be writing about pretty much anything under the sun.

Kat Peria

Katrina is your average gal living inside the metro who has passion for writing, video editing and photography. She admires nature at its finest and always wanted to become one of them. Dreaming to have the Cinderella life one day, humming with the birds, dancing with the clouds.


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