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If you’re a coffee lover, you practically have tried all kinds of coffee already, such as brewed, instant, roasted and grounded types of coffee. Coffee beans are indeed popular and widely used. Usually, people just throw used beans thinking that it doesn’t have any use any more. Think again! Coffee beans have a lot of other uses. Especially for those living in Luxury Condominiums in Pasig City, you have to check out other useful tips you can do with your used coffee beans.

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  1. Hair

Coffee can be used as a hair shiner. Just mix it up by boiling the bean in water, let it cool and apply it to your dry hair by leaving it on around 20 minutes, then rinse. Doing this may also leave a temporary dark tint on your hair. Not only will your hair will look shiny and colored, it’s going to smell awesome too!

  1. Body

As shocking or unusual as it may seem, coffee beans may serve as a cellulite cream for you to reduce some unwanted fats. It can also exfoliate dead skin cells Crush a table spoonful of used beans and mix it with coconut or olive oil and rub onto your skin before bathing.

Did some cooking and you used smelly ingredients and can’t seem to remove the pungent smell on your fingers? You can remove the scent by also rubbing crushed coffee beans on your hands and rinse off with warm water.

  1. Food

After brewing whole beans, you can keep the beans first and bake it with sweet deserts or cover melted chocolate with the beans. You can also ground the beans and put it on other deserts for extra flavor and can also serve as a marinade for steaks.


  1. Fragrance

Coffee has a scent that helps kill some scents. You can make air fresheners from coffee beans as simple as leaving them near air conditioners or fans, and inside your refrigerators. Sometimes, living in a condo may also mean that you’re living a busy life, so doing this might eliminate pungent smells and would bring a tasty scent in your area. But remember to always clean up whenever you can, coffee beans aren’t your personal cleaners.

  1. Décor

Used beans can also serve as your home decoration. Pile up several beans together and place them near your picture frames, displays, and statues or you can put them inside vases to ramp up your decorations. As previously stated, they also become your air fresheners as well.

If you’re also feeling artsy, you can create statues or mini figurines using the beans. Just glue or stick them up in an artistic way, put it somewhere where it’s easily seen, and voila!

  1. Cleaner

It may also become a cleaner such as for greasy messes, used as a strainer, and might cover up wood scratches. Crush the beans and use it as a scrub to clean up greasy stains. As a strainer, you can collect the beans and put them in your drainer in the faucet or showers/tubs. Using it as a scrub also means you have to crush them and scrub it on the scratched wood furniture to cover it up.

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  1. Repellant

Repel ants and mosquitos by sprinkling coffee grounds where the insects are usually seen or pour an entire brewed coffee drink on bigger ant mounds. You can also use it as incense, get an ashtray or any metal container and put a small amount of coffee grounds and light it on fire.

  1. Fertilizer

If you have a mini garden in your condo, you can add used coffee grounds on the soil because it contains rich minerals especially if mixed with compost. Make your own spray by blending the particles with water to spray it on some plants because of the nutrients coffee gives. 

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