Matstone Slow Juicer + Cleaning and Detox by Dr. Andrew Kim

I’ve been battling Bone Cancer for 5 years and I always wanted to get the cure, but we all know that cancer cannot be cured, though meds and therapies can help the cells from multiplying still the cancer is still in my body. I always wanted to do juicing, but with my limited time and also I haven’r find the right juicer I end up not doing it.

Thankfully I met Matstone! The brand started in the Philippines in year 2000, but it has been in the industry for 21 years and by the way it is a South Korean brand. Matstone is part of the True Value Project Kitchen AppGrade at Robinson’s Magnolia, today to showcase how great this machine is and how it can help people have a healthy lifestyle.

They also invite Dr. Andre Kim, Founder member, KOM Service Team Abroad (Korea Oriental Medicine Service Team Abroad).  Dr. Kim shared a lot of vital information in doing juice and what should be combine to make our lifestyle very healthy.

Dr. Andrew Kim
Dr. Andrew Kim

Here are what he shared with us:

Did you know the top 5 causes  of early death? It’s Food Toxins, Modern Medicine, Stress, Air and Water Pollution and lastly Radiation. And 95% of chronic diseases are caused by food choices, toxic food ingredients, natural deficiencies and lack of exercise

He also shared some juicing recipe and I’m also sharing it with you.

Green Energiser

1 Handful of Basil  – Advance the blood flow and increases carnal desire

1 Stalk Malunggay – Increases enerfy and endurance

1/2 Pineapple – Energy Production

1 Thumb of Ginger – Amplifies blood circulation and body temperature.

We have tasted the juice and it is really Delicious! You can’t even taste malunggay and the ginger, but it is very soothing to the throat. Matstone juicer is really a work of art and can help a lot of people to have a healthy lifestyle and healthy body. I have learned a lot about juicing and keeping my body healthy and I also wanted to visit Dr. Kim in his clinic soon to ask if there is a remedy about my condition.

Matstone is available in two variants:

Matstone.12 Matstone.13 Matstone.14


Get your Matstone Juicer at the following adressess:

#1081 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines (632) 362-3898 local 879 / (632) 361-4574

Unit 3301, 33rd Floor, Atlanta Center, #31 Annapolis St.,Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines (632) 234-2902, (632) 234-2922 locals 150, 151,158

Check their Facebook Page at Matstone Juicer Philippines.

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