Math Magic with Mathemagis!


Not all kids love Math and one of them is my youngest son. He maybe the memory king in the family, but when in comes to Math, I must say he s*cks. He always tried to do his best, but he also told me that he have a really hard time to answer problems specially that they have Geometry subject at Grade 4.

His doctor is recommending that he take a tutorial in Math to help him do his Math Modules at his best and to easily help him answer every equation, but we haven’t found a good tutorial school yet. Thanks to  Mathematics for offering my little Kweky a chance to make Math a happy subject.

Maybe you are wondering what Mathemagis. Mathemagis will help our kids to love Math, they help students who are struggling with math word problems to get some boost. They teach children using “Visual Thinking Math” where kids learn an easy way to solve math problems using Singapore’s proven effective bar model strategy.

Since it’s summer, let’s get our kids to love Math! Here are Mathemagis’ schedule for this summer:

Batch 1 — April 4-15

Batch 2 — April 18-29

Batch 3 — May 1-13

Batch 4 — May 16-27



Visit their website at and FB page at or visit any of our branches in Serendra(833.7374), Makati(556.5109), Katipunan(225.6330), Timog Avenue(261.1611) and SM Pasig(209.8128). And register online at

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