What Makes a Good Hospital

good hospoital

Every building needs to acquire architectural design services. The Philippines has some internationally recognized hospitals. Though not for their architecture, but for the best features and the best treatments available, and the doctors that are housed there. But are those the only criteria for a hospital to be considered a good hospital?

There are many good hospitals in the country, some better than others, offering better services and better features, but that doesn’t mean the other one shouldn’t be patronized anymore. And even though some hospitals are said to be good or even great, there will be some people who will claim that they’ve had a less than good experience there.

This experience can be influenced by the leadership of the hospital. The leadership should always be ready to interact with the families seeking the care the hospital provides, and leadership should also always be ready to accept change, even if it means that the processes the hospital and its staff are used to will be disrupted. The experience also doesn’t only rely on whether or not the person seeking care or treatment is interacted with, but also if they are treated well. There is a very small number of doctors who don’t give the care that is in the best interest of their patient, or nurses that do not care for their patients as much as they should.

One of the characteristics of a good hospital is there care, and their care should be coordinated. However, if a hospital’s departments have poor communication, their staff have no teamwork, and the entire hospital has no IT tools, this will prove to be difficult.

Another characteristic, since IT tools have been mentioned, is that the hospital and its leadership and staff, should be open to technology. The implementation of a health or clinical IT system or tool, or any other IT tool, will always disrupt the workflow of an establishment. Since hospitals rely on so much data from their patients, it’s better if the data is easily stored and retrieved, and even sent to other hospitals just in case they have features and doctors who are more capable of handling a patient.

And since a hospital’s reputation isn’t the only thing that can say that it’s good, they’ve also have moved towards a hotel like atmosphere to give patients a better experience. Many people don’t like the white walls and the impersonal feel a hospital room gives off, so a better looking room and overall interior is what hospitals aim for now. The interiors are changed to make the patient connect more to their environment, especially for children. Hospitals have also changed the way they feed their patients, and have invested in better food and food service. Hospital food has always been known to be nasty, and if the patients won’t eat it, that’s a waste of money, so hospitals are now investing in better food so that the patients will eat it.

There are many things that make a hospital good, not only their reputation and the features they offer, but also the way they care for their patients.


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