Make lambingan extra fun with Red Ribbon’s Pasalubong Packs!

My kids love’s pasalubong even if the are grown ups already, even our dog loves it. That is why Red Ribbon brings out the perfect treat for the people closest to your heart.

Red Ribbon puts together some of the bakeshop’s most-loved pastries into convenient and affordable take home bags, Pasalubong Packs, making pasalubong an everyday lambing-filled habit for moms.

The Red Ribbon Pasalubong Packs are available for only P100 (medium size) and P185 (large size), providing as much as P20 in savings.

Moms and dads can bring home different Red Ribbon Pasalubong Packs of Cheesy Ensaimada, Butter Mamon, Assorted Ensaimada (Cheese, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry Cheesecake), Assorted Mamon (Butter, Ube, Mocha, White Choco Almond, and Cheese), Assorted Cake Slices (Choco, Mocha Marble, Chiffon, Double Dutch, and Red Velvet), or Bestsellers (Cheesy Ensaimadas, Butter Mamons and a Choco Cake slice) to satisfy the kids’ different cravings.

Drop by any Red Ribbon store and bring home the lambing of the Pasalubong Packs today. Visit to discover more Red Ribbon treats.

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