Maintaining my diet this Holiday season with Delicious Diet Meal

Six days to go before Christmas and I am so overwhelmed with Christmas parties everywhere and eating unhealthy food. I felt so guilty every time I eat unhealthy, but I alway keep in mind to eat in moderation and slowly, but sometimes you cannot control it.

I am always thankful with my food partner Delicious Diet as they have been supplying me with good food 5 days in a week. They helped me on my weight loss journey and keeping my weight stable or I can lose more even of Holidays is fast approaching. I promise myself to maintain or even lose more weight even if holiday season is just around the corner and hopefully I succeed with it.

Well, I’ve been exercising this past few days because I ended my Pilates schedule for the year and be back next year. I’ll write about soon on how you can exercise using a mat and a fitness ring and for now here’s last weeks Delicious Diet Meal:


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