Lying Men: Why our husbands lie?

Almost all couples experienced that our husband is lying to us, but why they lie if they can tell us the real story and what is the reason they lie to us? Here are 3 reasons why our husband lie to us.

He doesn’t like drama

– Our husbands sometimes lie to prevent petty argument to become a world war argument with us.


He doesn’t want to hurt you

– He lies because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. (But as women speak, we all wanted to know the truth than hear a lie that can break us up in the end)

'Oh, just crafting lies I never even have to tell...'

He doesn’t want to do chores

– Almost all men lie about doing something to avoid doing household chores. (This is very true)

'But I can't be the world's WORST husband that would be too much of a coincidence!'

Almost all of them lie, but if we have an open and honest communication, I think we can succeed to let our husband know that they can tell us the truth. We can erase lying men and transform them into truthful men. Let us make him safe in telling the truth, we should never get mad at him if we wanted to know the truth. Always stay calm and have an open mind when asking him to tell the truth. If they felt that you are at ease in hearing the truth and can handle your emotions, they will be truthful in every way.


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