Luxury Brands available at Ensogo Philippines

Did you know that the premier online shopping brand Ensogo is carrying luxury brands like Prade, Paul Smith, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more?

I’ve been a fan of luxury brands since I was seven years old. I grew up seeing YSL, Louis Vuitton and other brands used by my parents and I never thought it cost so much util I was in High School. I started using luxury brands since elementary, it started with wallets then it turned me into a bag addict. But, having this kind of urge to buy and buy luxury bags and wallets sometime made my pocket on the down side. And when I became a mother, the bag addiction somewhat subsided, but I truly miss those days when I’ll buy two bags in a week.

Thanks to Ensogo Philippines, they are now housing the most prestigious and luxury brands of bags, wallets and other accessories for men and women. Here’s the list of the luxury brands Ensogo Philippines is housing:

Ensogo Philippines

Ensogo now have Tory Burch’s Ballet Flats. These flats are a girls must have because it is so comfy and easy to partner with any kind of #ootd you have for the day. And by the way, you can get your Tory Burch ballet flats at P3,999.

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Ensogo also have luxury perfumes like Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Issey Miyake, Dior and so much more. Prices ranges from P799 to P4,699 depending on the luxury brand you want.

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Ensogo now have Salvatore Ferragamo is known for their leather products because of its exquisite and handmade craftsmanship. It may cost you a ton of money, but every penny spent in one of Salvatore’s craft is indeed a good buy. Prices range from P4,799 to P22,999, depending on the kind of product you want to buy.

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Paul Smith is every man’s dream accessories. It may cost you too much, but like what I’ve said luxury brands may cost too much, but every penny you spend with them is a treasure of a lifetime. Cufflinks ranges from P3,399 to P3,499, Scarfs from P3,699 to P4,026 and other merchandise ranges from P6,999 to P9,999.

Ensogo Philippines.4


I always wanted to have Miuccia Prada or Miu Miu. I remember having one small Prada bag, but it didn’t last long since it was pass down to me by my Tita. What excites me is Ensogo now have Prada bags and other merchandise. Although they haven’t carried all types of bags or wallets yet, but I will wait for it and maybe I’ll be buying my very first Prada wallet or bag. (I’m so much excited for that!)


Hope you have so much fun checking out this article because I so much enjoyed browsing and checking what will I buy next (giggles). Please don’t forget to check out their website and social media accounts.

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