What a #Lucky2018 for Shakey’s Pizza as they launched a father and son tandem + More!

We all wanted to be lucky specially this New Year, but having our friends and family around is a sign that we should be thankful and I think it is also a sign that we are all indeed lucky.

What’s more interesting this new year is the newest P2,018 Shakey’s Meal Deal! Imagine you’ll save P2,063 when you avail this promo? You and your family and friends will get two large thin crust pizza, two platters of pasta, ten pieces of chicken n mojos, ten pieces mozzarella sticks, a platter of salad and pitchers of iced tea. (wow as in wow!) But wait, there’s more you can now taste the sumptuous Bacon and Cheese Fusili Pasta and get a free SuperCard and that’s for P2,018 only!

Good news never stops here at Shakey’s as they uncover their newest endorser and now it made the Shakey’s family much more merrier! As the father and son tandem of Luis and Edu Manzano will surely tickle your funny bones every time you see their newest commercial.


So what are you waiting for? Head on now to the nearest Shakey’s near you and grab the #Lucky2018 Meal Deal!

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